Wednesday, March 7, 2012

War clouds hovering over South east Asia under another ...? Israel striking Iran first...?

As the countries involved in building nuclear capabilities and those opposing it are stern in their stands, the possibility of any 'Peace Situation' in the gulf region is very far. A war is visible in a near future. In-spite of the imposition of economic sanctions, Iran is adamant in its stands, and this is provoking the International community on Iran's alleged nuclear weapon build-up.

What ever the reason, the Holy Bible's  verses have to fulfill. But it is very necessary for the world leaders to strive for the prevalence of Peace and Harmony among world countries.

On the other side, Some Countries like China are increasing their military capability and allocating huge funds in their budgets for accumulating more and more weapons. There is a major portion of their population starving and struggling below poverty line. Instead of diverting funds to eliminate poverty and starving, what s the use of buying more and more weaponry....?

Do they have any external threat from any other country...? No....! Their only aim is to threaten and if necessary, attack their neighbor.

If all the leaders of all the world countries resolve to adhere to peace and harmony, the earth will be another paradise. It is high time for the devotees of the Lord to Pray for the peace of the world. Any war in any part of the world will be disastrous for the entire people of the world. No one is safe on this earth....!  

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