Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let us all Unite in Prayer for the Tsunami 2012 victims and their kith and kin

The powerful twin earth quakes that hit Sumatra of Indonesia measuring 8.7 and 8.3 on the Richter scale in a gap of two hours today are reported as 'severe' and almost 28 countries are gripped in fear of a serious Tsunami as an after effect of those terrible earth quakes whose damages are yet to be calculated.

As Christians who consider all the human beings as brethren, we are bound to Pray vigorously for all those who are affected by these quakes and the tsunamis. May the Compassionate God reduce the intensity and damages related to any natural disasters.

God is the Creator of this universe. HE is the one who is capable of commanding HIS creatures including the seas, oceans, waves and water. Nothing can go beyond the wish and will of the Lord. But the human beings whom HE has granted free will and freedom only disobeys the commands of the Lord and act against HIS wishes and will.

We have seen earlier in 2004, how much loss of lives and properties a tsunami can cause. Its effects remain for many years to come to normalcy.

Prayer for God's help in natural calamities and disasters:

God, our Loving Father, We surrender at your feet for safety and security.
Bless your humble children who are gripped by terrible fear of the worst natural calamities.
We, silly human beings, though we boast of our intelligence and inventions, we are nothing Father.
We can neither save our selves nor rescue our dear and near ones.
We are absolutely helpless and we implore YOUR Mighty Hands to save us all from these natural disasters and grant us your heavenly peace and everlasting joy. 
We humbly make this prayer through Christ, Your Beloved Son and our Loving Lord, Amen....!

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  1. Thank You God for clearing the tsunami fear from millions of your people ...!

    Prayer is really very powerful....!

    Glory to God


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