Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guardian Angels feast Day: October 2nd: How fortunate and privileged we are...!

We see usually VIPs (very important persons) having one or more personal guards to protect them from attackers. Now-a-days even wealthy people appoint security guards for their personal safety. Heads of countries are supplied with the best personnel available in that particular country for very high salaries and other perks.

There are several instances in the world history of theses trusted personal security guards betraying their Masters...! For example, former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was brutally assassinated by her own trusted security guard.

Many of us fail to remember the presence of the heavenly guards appointed by our Heavenly Father after creating us. God our compassionate Creator does want any of HIS unique creatures get astray. He wants each and every human being on this earth to be safe and sound and walk in the right path. Hence HE has ordered HIS faithful and most trusted mighty servants- Angels, to watch over and protect HIS beloved children.

Though unseen, there is an invisible agent of the Almighty God always beside each and every one of us. let us not forget to thank them and the the ONE Who has specially appointed that special guard to protect our body and soul...!

Thank You God ....!

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