Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shalom TV's Biblia : Malayalam Parish Bible Reality quiz show

Shalom TV, the first and pioneer Malayalam Christian Devotional channel is a gift to the Malayalee Christian communities in Kerala and around the world. All the devotional programs aired on this TV will doubtlessly increase the Faith and devotion of the people.

More than just a Television channel, The Word of God shared in it gives great source of spiritual and physical strength, healing of dreaded diseases, solaces in distress and helps one to grow in the light and path of shown by the Redeemer Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many programs worthy to be mentioned, but the 'BIBLIA' which is 'the Parish Bible Quiz' is a wonderful program that creates an urge in the people to learn the Holy Word of the Lord.

The Biblia has come to the mega finals. Congrats to all the parish teams that participated in the program. The winning team (Only One team) will get an opportunity to visit the Holy Lands with their Parish Priest.

May the Compassionate Lord help the producers of the program to extend the prizes to more eligible participating teams in future. 

There are many entertainment and intelligent reality shows on TVs and Lets hope that Shalom TV, the chosen tool to spread the message of the Lord, become capable to start some Bible Reality shows in the near future that will help the deserving people of the Lord spiritually as well as financially...!  

Praise the Lord and Remain Blessed...!

Please click the link to watch Shalom TV Live:


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