Sunday, December 29, 2013

Official Wesite for Holy Father Pope Francis in Malayalam:

There is some good news for the Malayalee Catholics around the world. For the first time, a Website in Malayalam is created, launched and dedicated exclusively for the Holy Father, Pope Francis by the Catholic Church of Kerala. Major Arch Bishop Cardinal Baselios Cleemis officially switched on the website today for the world.

This is for the first time an exclusive website in Malayalam Language is created for the Holy Father who is the special gift of Almighty God for HIS Church in 2013. It covers almost all informations with photes and videos of the Holy father Pope Francis and his activities.

As it is purely in Malayalam Language, even people who can not read / understand English can easily access the website at the click of a button. It is considered as a Christmas gift for the world Malayalee Christian population in 2013.

To visit the website please click the below link:

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Visit The World's Oldest and Rarest BIBLES in the Vatican Bible Library from home:

There is a Great News for the Christian Community and the Bible scholars in particular and the whole humanity in general around the world. The Vatican Library which owns the world's Oldest and Rarest Bibles including the first Book [Bible] ever printed by Gutenberg in 1455 and the Holy hand written ancient manuscripts, has opened them for the general public through an online website in association with the Oxford University's Bodleain Library.

Both these libraries are considered as the world's most venerated libraries. Now anyone from the comfort of his/her house can make a visit to this precious library through the official online website:

The Reputed Vatican Library [Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana] founded by Pope Nicholas-V in 1451, has in its possession almost all the Books (Copies) of the HOLY SCRIPTURES ever written or printed. It includes the ancient Biblical manuscripts in Aramaic and Greek.

The online Bible Project is a mammoth one and the cost for it amounting to $3.3 millions is being funded by the Polonsky Foundation with an aim to democratize information for all. 

By opening the doors of the world's most honored Vatican Library to everyone on earth, the Church has done an extremely good deed making the HOLY WORD OF GOD accessible to all humanity and thus save every soul and person.

Please Click the Official Website of the Vatican-Bodleian Library to Visit:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia - the Patroness of Families, A True Life story Tele-film in Shalom TV Channel

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia CHF
The Mega TV Serial in Malayalam on Shalom TV channel on the true life story of Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan (Vazhthapetta Mariam Thresia -Kudmbangulude Madhyastha)) is a really worthy program for the Malayali families to watch.

It is the true life story of a great servant of the Lord who lived and served the Lord Jesus Christ in the beautiful Kerala state of India. She was not much known to the general public even though the Congregation (Congregation of Holy Family) she founded is extending its valuable services to the families in general and the poor and the needy in particular.

This great soul who loved to share the Passion of the Lord on her self often thanked the Master for giving her an opportunity to be a small part of HIS Great agony.

When the new generation is getting spoiled by the filthy and dirty TV programs, it is very advisable for the parents to watch and encourage the upcoming generation to watch Spiritual Channels like Shalom TV and help in the moral and ethical growth of the children.

All Christian families specially the Catholic ones should make it a habit and policy to watch only Spiritual Channels and life history of saintly devotees of Lord without wasting a lot of time and the whole life watching meaningless serials and cheap and substandard masala programs.

For more info on Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia please visit these web sites:

For a Brief History of the Blessed Mystic Mother, please check this:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Logos Bible Quiz ONLINE for NRIs (Non Resident Indian Keralites): Registration from 2013 August 1st to September 25th

'Logos Bible Quiz'- the World's Largest Bible Quiz program is a very successful venture of 'Kerala Catholic Bible Society' which is a part of 'Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council's (KCBC) Bible Commission. The Channel Partner of this Program is 'Shalom Television'.

The Organizers of  LOGOS BIBLE QUIZ, is planning to conduct an Online Bible Quiz for Non Resident Indian (Keralites) on an experimental basis. 

This is to facilitate the desirous  Malayalees settled out side Kerala who want to participate in the Prestigious Spiritual quiz. 

Registration for the LOGOS QUIZ FOR NRIs have already begun on 2013 August 1st and will end on 25th of September, 2013. The ONLINE Quiz will be Held on September 29th, 2013 from 20.00 pm to 3.30 pm.
The Results of the Online Quiz can be known immediately.  

Those who are interested to Register for this Fabulous Spiritual Exercise can do so by Clicking on the Official Link of Logos Bible Quiz below:

Main Web Site Link for Information:

Website Link for Registration:

Official Logos Website:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's Unite in Prayer for those lost lives and injured in the St Sebastian's Catholic Church accident, Aroor-Kochi, Kerala.

The news received just now is heart breaking. The Church building under construction at St. Sebastian's Catholic Church at Aroor in Alleppy District of Kerala collapsed and one life is reported lost while some are feared to be trapped under the debris. 

As per available reports one side of the wall gave way and some people are feared to be under the debris. The person who died is from another state of India. 11 people are reported to be admitted in hospital.

The State and District administration has already started to rescue those trapped under the collapsed construction with the help and support of the large gathering of local people including Parishioners and non-Christians. 

May the Almighty Lord give the departed souls peace and cure and heal those injured in the mishap.

Let us all unite in Prayer for those departed souls and their bereaved families and those injures in the unfortunate accident.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God has Chosen new Pope Francis I (formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) to head HIS Cathoilic Church from 2013 March

Pope Francis I (March, 2013)

After some anxious waiting, the Compassionate Lord Jesus Christ's Most Holy Spirit made the Catholic Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel at Vatican to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to lead HIS Church on earth from March 14th, 2013...!

The new Pontiff who has taken the name Francis I is the first Pope from Latin America to adorn the Royal throne of Apostle St Peter.

He is also the first person from a Missionary Congregation called 'Society of Jesus' (Jesuit)...!

"The Lord's Works are always a Miracle to our eyes"...! Though the prominent world medias made some guesswork and pointed towards some other Cardinals, The Master's Choice was different.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Pope elected in 2013 for the Universal Catholic Church

The Historic Conclave 2013 of the Catholic Church Cardinals is going on in the st Sistine Chapel to elect the successor to Pope Benedict XVI who resigned from the post to spend more time in Prayer.

The Election of the Pope is different from that of the political or Presidential elections. There are no nominees or any sort of canvasing in the election of the Head of the Catholic Church. 

If for any reason any Cardinal has a remote wish in his heart to become the Pope, he will be considered as unfit by the Holy Spirit of the Lord Who acts as the election commission....!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Logos Bible Quiz 2013 in Shalom TV: World's Largest Bible Quiz.!

The LOGOS BIBLE Quiz, which is considered as the largest Bible Quiz in the world is Presented by the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference (K.C.B.C) and the Kerala Catholic Bible Society (K.C.B.S) in association with Shalom TV, the most popular Christian Devotional TV Channel in Malayalam. 

The Logos Bible Quiz has the maximum number of participants. The previous quiz held in 2012 had a huge participation of more than half a million Catholics. 

The producers of this great devotional program is widely appreciated by the faithful worldwide. When in the present world, parents of children show more interest to send their kids to the so called 'reality shows' just for the sake of popularity for their children. 

All the parents who sent their children for participating in the logos Bible Quiz are congratulated specially, while the Participants need to be applauded greatly.

Please watch this Blog for updated info about 'Logos Bible Quiz 2013' syllabus, time-table, schedule, ONLINE REGISTRATION, Results etc.

Please Refer the official websites of:

Official Logos Bible Quiz Website

Kerala Catholic Bible Society

Thrissur Bible Apostolate

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI (The First Pope in 600 years) Resigning on February 28, 2013

Pope announces his decision to Resign
The Head of the Universal Catholic Church, Holy Father Benedict XVI surprised the world to day, with the announcement of his retirement from the papal post as the pontiff on the 28th of February, 2013 stating health reasons.

The 85 -year-old Pope Benedict the XVI is the first pope to resign from the post in the past 600 years. 

The Pontiff who was elected to the present post in 2005 after Blessed Former John Paul II left for his Heavenly crown, headed the Catholic Church for nearly eight years.

The Pope, by his swift announcement that he is retiring, surprised not only the Catholic Church, but also the whole world including his close aids who were clueless about this...!

The Vatican said that it will elect the next Pope before Easter 2013...!

May the Divine Master Who started His Church, grant another person to lead it in the present times of crisis....!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Text (SMS) a Prayer Intention to a Franciscan Friar in New York

New York Friars Texting
The New System of accepting Prayer Requests through Mobile Text Messages (SMSs) by New York based Holy Name Province Franciscan Priests has received huge response within days of its introduction.

Some Devote Friars have decided to use the technology to reach the people and extend their Prayer Support to the needy people through the mobile and internet media. More and more people are using this fast technology to find a solution to their burning problems through the powerful Prayers of the Fathers of St. Francis of Assisi.

To send a Prayer Intention, first Type (TEXT) the word 'PRAYER' and SEND it to 30644. On receiving the message the sender will receive a welcome message from the Priests asking to send the 'intentions for the Prayer. Upon receiving the Prayer Intentions the senders will get a reply stating that their Prayer Requests have been received and will be Prayed upon....!

Lets all Pray for those in need and for those Priests ans faithful who pray for the needy...!