Sunday, February 24, 2013

Logos Bible Quiz 2013 in Shalom TV: World's Largest Bible Quiz.!

The LOGOS BIBLE Quiz, which is considered as the largest Bible Quiz in the world is Presented by the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference (K.C.B.C) and the Kerala Catholic Bible Society (K.C.B.S) in association with Shalom TV, the most popular Christian Devotional TV Channel in Malayalam. 

The Logos Bible Quiz has the maximum number of participants. The previous quiz held in 2012 had a huge participation of more than half a million Catholics. 

The producers of this great devotional program is widely appreciated by the faithful worldwide. When in the present world, parents of children show more interest to send their kids to the so called 'reality shows' just for the sake of popularity for their children. 

All the parents who sent their children for participating in the logos Bible Quiz are congratulated specially, while the Participants need to be applauded greatly.

Please watch this Blog for updated info about 'Logos Bible Quiz 2013' syllabus, time-table, schedule, ONLINE REGISTRATION, Results etc.

Please Refer the official websites of:

Official Logos Bible Quiz Website

Kerala Catholic Bible Society

Thrissur Bible Apostolate

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  1. When is Logos Bible Quiz 2013?

  2. Praise the Lord.
    God Bless all who seek HIM.

  3. Logos Bible Quiz is a Very Good Program.
    keep up the Good Work ...

  4. God Bless all His faithful..

  5. Topics of bible quiz please?

  6. When are the results of 2013 Bible Quiz?


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