Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia - the Patroness of Families, A True Life story Tele-film in Shalom TV Channel

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia CHF
The Mega TV Serial in Malayalam on Shalom TV channel on the true life story of Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan (Vazhthapetta Mariam Thresia -Kudmbangulude Madhyastha)) is a really worthy program for the Malayali families to watch.

It is the true life story of a great servant of the Lord who lived and served the Lord Jesus Christ in the beautiful Kerala state of India. She was not much known to the general public even though the Congregation (Congregation of Holy Family) she founded is extending its valuable services to the families in general and the poor and the needy in particular.

This great soul who loved to share the Passion of the Lord on her self often thanked the Master for giving her an opportunity to be a small part of HIS Great agony.

When the new generation is getting spoiled by the filthy and dirty TV programs, it is very advisable for the parents to watch and encourage the upcoming generation to watch Spiritual Channels like Shalom TV and help in the moral and ethical growth of the children.

All Christian families specially the Catholic ones should make it a habit and policy to watch only Spiritual Channels and life history of saintly devotees of Lord without wasting a lot of time and the whole life watching meaningless serials and cheap and substandard masala programs.

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  1. An unknown mystic saintly nun from Kerala. May the Good God raise her as a great Saint soon.

  2. Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia, you are the patroness of families. Please Pray for me and my family.

  3. Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia, you are the patroness of families. Please Pray for me and my family.

  4. Blessed Mother Mariam Thressia, you are my courage

  5. May you be raised to a saint very soon. I long for that beautiful moments. You are my model and source of inspirationb

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