Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Visit The World's Oldest and Rarest BIBLES in the Vatican Bible Library from home:

There is a Great News for the Christian Community and the Bible scholars in particular and the whole humanity in general around the world. The Vatican Library which owns the world's Oldest and Rarest Bibles including the first Book [Bible] ever printed by Gutenberg in 1455 and the Holy hand written ancient manuscripts, has opened them for the general public through an online website in association with the Oxford University's Bodleain Library.

Both these libraries are considered as the world's most venerated libraries. Now anyone from the comfort of his/her house can make a visit to this precious library through the official online website:

The Reputed Vatican Library [Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana] founded by Pope Nicholas-V in 1451, has in its possession almost all the Books (Copies) of the HOLY SCRIPTURES ever written or printed. It includes the ancient Biblical manuscripts in Aramaic and Greek.

The online Bible Project is a mammoth one and the cost for it amounting to $3.3 millions is being funded by the Polonsky Foundation with an aim to democratize information for all. 

By opening the doors of the world's most honored Vatican Library to everyone on earth, the Church has done an extremely good deed making the HOLY WORD OF GOD accessible to all humanity and thus save every soul and person.

Please Click the Official Website of the Vatican-Bodleian Library to Visit:


  1. Golden Opportunity. Thanks and God Bless all.....

  2. Praise and Glory be to the Lord God Jesus Christ.

  3. All faithful must visit the website and see all the rarest Holy Bibles preserved here.


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