Friday, June 27, 2014

Priests, Start the Holy Mass with 'The Lord Be With you', not good morning...! Philippines Cardinal

The call by Manila's Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle to the Catholic Priests of Philippines to  shun the habit of beginning the Holy Eucharistic Celebrations with the worldly greetings 'good morning' and to start the Holy Mass with the spiritual utterances, "The Lord be with you".

This can be followed by the Catholic and Christian Priests world over who have this worldly system of appeasing their faithful. 

The Greetings with Blessings, "The Lord Be With you" once said from the heart, contain the highest and most effective wishes one can give to the believers.

When the Priest wishes the gathering before the starting of the Holy Mass, his 'greetings' should come from his body, mind and soul with proper 'spiritual body language' and those who receive them also should reciprocate suitably by replying, 'And Be With your spirit' (earlier 'And Also With you')....!

It is very important to make every word that the mouth utters, come from our self ie our heart and soul.

May God Bless you all....

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