Wednesday, February 4, 2015

120th Maramon Bible Convention: 2015 February 8th to 15th

One of the largest and oldest Christian Bible annual conventions in the Asian continent, Maramon Convention, is scheduled to be held on 8th to 15th February 2015 as usual on the vast Pampa sand bed (usually seen only during this season) at Maramon near Kozhancheri in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

This annual festival of the 'Word of God' is being celebrated in a very grant manner by the Mar Thoma Church of Kerala for more than a century. Conventions such as these have helped a lot for the St. Thomas Christians of Kerala, to safe guard and protect their unshakable faith in the Lord, during their lives full of difficulties and crisis. 

World renowned Bible speakers and Pastors from around the globe attend this great event to share the Holy Word of Lord Jesus Christ.

Gifted musicians and singers put the best of their talents for the greater Glory of God and create marvelous songs.

The steering of the Maramon Convention celebrations is well taken care of by Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association

Watch online videos to Participate in the Messages, Prayers, Greetings, convention meetings and listen to the Maramon 2015 songs and musics:

You can also buy/download Songs and videos of Maramon Conventions and find more information, updates and latest news at

The official facebook sites of Maramon Convention is:

Please visit the Malnkara Mar Thoma Syrian Church websit for more info:

Watch the sermons, worship and songs online be youtube:

May God Bless everyone behind this great venture who work for His Glory...!


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