Monday, June 29, 2015

US Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriage to attract God's wrath

While the recent judgement of the US supreme court legalizing gay marriages in all the states of America is celebrated by a minority section of people throughout the world, there is another section of the faithful world-wide, who are praying God intensely not to punish the people of America for the ruling issued by the supreme court judges against the Holy Will of the Creator, challenging His Commandments and HIS very purpose of creating men and women.

By citing the work of some historians that evinced the continual adaptation of the institution, the supreme court of the USA decided to recognize gay (same-sex) marriages a constitutional right on Friday the 26th of June 2015. This declaration was received with jubilation by some gay couples and activists including some globally acclaimed personalities. 

This judgement by the supreme court of the USA which is considered and honored as the international champions for safeguarding and upholding justice is a great blow to all who expected Divine justice from them. The very constitution of the land was framed basing on the Holy word of God and this abominable announcement is an open declaration of war with the Lord who has been protecting the country and who drove it to prosperity and development.

If we make a simple look at the past history of the mankind, it is evidently clear when and how the people tested the Patience of the compassionate Lord and attracted His rage. God has punished the entire humanity with floods during the time of Noah for the increasing number of adultery the people committed and later sent fire from heaven to destroy the people unable to bear the sin of homosexuality sparing the righteous Lot. 

In-order to please a minor section of perverted persons who are physically, mentally, spiritually and socially ill, and to cover their abominable and sinful unions as 'legal marriage' the supreme court judges have violated the command of the Most Holy and Almighty God. Hence for the sake of the land (USA) and the world, all those concerned are requested in the Holy Name of the Lord to do the needful. 

All the God fearing people are requested to Pray earnestly for the abolition of this law and to send their petitions, requests and supports to the 'Alabama Justices' who are against this and who only can put an end to this disgracing and shameful law.

Please find below the addresses and contact phone numbers of Alabama Supreme Court Justices:


  1. I wrote a blog similar to this, I choose not to be religious about it. I asked this question on my blog, if everyone in the world decides to be homosexuals and wed persons of their own sex, how will the world look like in a hundred and fifty years?

    Your guess is as good as mine, there will be no world because we (the people) are the world. If there are no procreations, then there are no children, and therefore no generations to make the existence and continuity of life possible.

    If our ancestors got themselves involved in this 21st century madness, there would have been no Barak Obama or anybody to run the U.S supreme court.

    You can read of the post @


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