Saturday, February 27, 2016

Catholic Christian Nurses Ministry: Glorifying the Lord through Service

When we hear and see on TV channels and in media the committed services of the Catholic Nurses spread around the world particularly in the middle east while on duty, and the various Spiritual and social activities they render during week off, we feel proud and thank God for enabling these brothers and sisters who bring pride and glory to the Lord who called them and the Church that formed them and the state of Kerala which sent them.

The nurses from Kerala are preferred throughout the world. This is because of their dedication to the work. The dedicated and sincere service of Kerala nurses abroad is bringing not only foreign revenue, but also good name to the state. Many nurses opt for nursing as their profession not just by chance, but by choice. Even if someone became a nurse by chance, they transform in to a worthy nurse thanks to the 'Word of God' which is deeply buried in them.

When many of these nurses realize their 'calling' and extend their services to the sick and the suffering with compassion and caring, they are indirectly glorifying the Lord. When they become able to see Lord Jesus Christ in these suffering people, and serve the with love and patience, they become equal to the venerable persons like Mother Teresa.  Even though a nurse is doing job as an employment for earning money, by having proper attitude and changing the mindset, the same work can be turned into a great Missionary work. When a nurse devotes his/her job as a vocation and performs his/her duty seeing the invisible Lord in the patients, he/she can find happiness in the job and endure the numerous 'crosses' happily and proudly.

May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen all nurses who are part of the Nurses Ministry in the gulf countries and bless their near and dear ones abundantly. Through this nurses ministry, they gather together and hold prayers and other charitable activities. If all  Indian nurses (particularly the Christians) take example from them and form and operate similar ministries in the areas of their work, they will be instrumental to the spreading of the Kingdom of God. Such fellowships will strengthen the novice and wavering individuals also. This will also bring good tidings to the lives of many who are in trials and misfortunes.

God Bless....

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