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Christeen Retreat and Revival Center: For Kids, Teens and Youth

'Christeen', as the very name suggests is a Christian Spiritual institution founded exclusively for children and teenagers with the sole and noble intention of winning their precious tender hearts and souls for Christ. The very slogan and motto of this Retreat center is to gain 'Teenagers for Christ' and that is the absolute aim of this organization. Project Christeen is the outcome of saying 'yes' to the Divine promptings and callings by some virtuous persons! 

Christeen retreat center which came into existence more than 3 decades ago has now grown into a full-fledged institution catering to the spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental and social growth of hundreds of thousands of children and adults worldwide. Christeen, which was regarded as a great Blessing for God's own country in the beginning, has now become popular not only in the other states of India, but also in other countries as well, by spreading its fragrancesThrough its selfless services and activities (particularly guiding the future citizens in the right direction) it has been receiving acclamation from many socially concerned persons, officials, institutions, leaders, politicians and governments . Though this retreat center gives priority for the spiritual and all round growth of children and youngsters, taking into consideration the need of the hour, continuous retreats are conducted for all age groups. Team Christeen which has now covered many countries with the Holy Word of God consists of totally devoted and anointed evangelists whose messages are effective enough to convert even the hardest heart and cure the most incurable diseases. 

Christeen also conducts periodical 'animators training programme' for leaders who wish to work among children and youth. It is ideal for Priests, Nuns, Religious, Seminarians and the laity who are interested to be instrumental in the spreading of the 'Good News' to the far corners of the earth. 

The different types of retreats conducted routinely in Christeen Center are:

1. Christeen Retreat: For children belonging to the age group of 9-20.

2. Angels Retreat: For kids below 8 years with their parents.

3. Family Retreats: For the family.

Christeen Central team Consists of some devout laity who are wholly committed and dynamic in the work of the Lord and the society:

1. Ms Marykutty P V: (the founder and director of the Christeen Mission who received Divine vision. She is a teacher turned renowned preacher, author and social worker. She has been working for the welfare of children and carrying the Holy Word of God in many countries around the world)

2. Bro Santhosh T: (is a gifted and acclaimed evangelist with the same zeal and goal to gain as many souls as possible for Christ. Had worked with popular Teams like Shalom and Divine. He is the one who received Divine inspiration to start vibrant initiatives like 'MISSION-2033' and 'Y-12 International). 

3. Bro Biju Thomas: (he is the 3rd in the trio who also shares the similar zest and strives tirelessly day and night to achieve the objects of the trust and the Center. Got voluntary retirement from the government service to work as a full-timer in charity. He is not only a devoted preacher but also capable in coordinating efficiently all matters relating to the trust, the vast campus and all its day-to-day activities). 

4. Bro Teneesh Mathew: (he has received anointing of the Holy Spirit at very young age and is in charge of the youth retreats and takes care of the different out reach programs. He serves as a model and inspiration to the youngsters by serving the Lord devoutly).

To strengthen the Gospel preaching more effective and interesting, sermons/classes of many other prominent visiting evangelists like Br Savi Joseph (Savichen brother), Bro Joseph Stanley, Bro Jiby Joseph etc are also held here. Christeen is also equipped with a team of talented musicians who teach and glorify God with their music and songs. To render various services to the participants and guests with a feeling of delight as doing to God, Christeen has an excellent team of staff and many dedicated volunteers who are willing and prepared to extend their services round the clock.

In addition to the retreats and other training programs by the Christeen Central Team, other popular Priests and Evangelists hold their retreats and healing/anointing services in Christeen campus regularly. 

1. 'Aradhana Abhisheka Dhyanam' by Rev Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil and Br. Manoj of Samariya Ministry, Kottayam.

2. 'Thiru Raktha Abhisheka Dyanam' by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Manappathuparambil and Br. Shabu Parukannil of Sacred Heart Renewal Team, Kottayam.

3. 'Agni Abhisheka dhyanam' (fire Anointing Retreat) by Br. Shajan Arackkal, Paraclete Ministry (Ernakulam)

4. 'Parishuthanma Abhisheka Dhyanam' (Holy Spirit Anointing Retreat)' by Rev. Fr. Abraham Kadiyakuzhi and  Br. Sabu Aaruthotti, King Jesus Ministry, Kanjirappally.

5. 'Athma Abhisheka Dhyanam' (Spirit Anointing Retreat) by Bro Sajan Nellimalamattathil and team ETC are just a few to mention.

Christeen is also serving as the official retreat and training partner for many reputed educational institutions like 'Amal Jyothi College of Engineering'!

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Christeen is a not-for-profit organization and collects only nominal fees that may be hardly sufficient for the delicious and nutritious food, accommodation and other needs of the participants. It also facilitates people to attend retreats free of charge who cannot afford to bear the fees. This is possible only with the generous contributions and donations from people who love Christeen and the work of God. Those who are blessed by God with surplus money and wealth and have a liberal heart are welcome to make donations, if prompted by God's Spirit. The whole Christeen family and the prayer warriors will pray specially for the benefactors of Christeen. Whoever gives for the Lord's work will receive abundant blessings.

Or Please contact:

Phones: 0481-2570126, 2572715, (91)9495000236, (91)9495000233


Christeen, Kalathipady, Kottayam, Kerala, India, 686010.

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