Wednesday, May 9, 2018

'Preachers of Divine Mercy' founded by Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil

World famous Charismatic Preachers and healers Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil and Rev Fr Binoy Karimaruthinkal who are presently serving as the directors of the Sehion Ministry and Sehion Retreat center respectively at Attapadi near Palakkad in Kerala started a new 'Religious Congregation' in the Syro-Malabar Church by name 'Preachers of Divine Mercy'. This is following the approval of their application (which they had applied earlier) by the Catholic Bishop of Palaghat Mar Jacob Manathodath to start a pious union particularly for priests. 

This news may be misinterpreted and circulated wrongly by vested interests that are hounding the Catholic Church to persecute it. [Some channels, media or people who are anti-Christian may even try to spread false news like Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil left the Catholic Church and started his own organization]. The purpose of the anointed Charismatic Preachers is to make the Catholic Priests more pious and devoted and spread the message of the "Divine Mercy" more fervently and ardently as the world is passing towards the end, and the Compassionate Lord wants everyone under the sun to avail the 'fruit' of His inexplicable Passion and death on the Cross that is His 'Divine Mercy' free of cost or effort

These two spirit-filled priests together with Rev Sr Amy Emmanuel had earlier founded a monastery (nunnery) by name "Abhishekagni Sisters" in Palakkad for women. The aim of this Ashram is to strive for world Evangelization.

This new congregation will definitely boost up the activities of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic Church and be a powerful one to produce many committed Priests with a thirst for souls and to spread the Divine Love and Compassion to the mankind. Some more Priests who hold similar interest and many youth who wish to become priests with similar objectives are expected to join this congregation. It will be an asset for the Catholic Church particularly the Syro Malabar Church.

Lets all wish this holy venture all success and extend every support including our prayer support for it.


  1. let me know about one thing, do you have the faciltiy to have seminarians..if so, can you please reply me..

    1. They have just opened The Congregation.
      Soon they will Invite Seminarians.
      Appreciate your Interest
      God bless

    2. My name is dibin Pious I want to join ur congregation this year can you call me plz (8943148035) this Friday I will come to there.....

  2. I want to join ur congregation this year

  3. I like to know more about this new congregation and its formation


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