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LOGOS BIBLE Quiz 2020 Exam Schedule, Syllabus, Information

LOGOS meaning is: Holy 'Word of God'. That is the Holy Bible. That is Lord God Jesus Christ. The Second Person in the Holy Trinity! 

Logos Bible Quiz is the largest quiz or examination program conducted in the entire world. It is a Divine-inspired initiative of the Kerala Catholic Bible Society (KCBS) under the aegis of the KCBC (Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council) Bible Commission. Logos Bible quiz commenced in the millennium year 2000 and already 20 exams have been conducted successfully. Cash and other Prizes to the Logos champion is distributed every year. Diocesan level toppers also are given prizes and certificates. More prizes and awards are being planned as the number of participants is increasing in leaps and bounds! 

The Exam schedule, exam time, the portion from the Holy Bible to study, and all other related details are given here-under, so that more number of people can prepare well in advance and get ready for the 21st Logos Bible Quiz to be held on 27th September 2020. More than just preparing and appearing for the prize, it is a rare and golden opportunity to read, meditate and understand the Holy Word of God and receive innumerable blessings and Divine Grace in life! Hence please encourage as many persons as possible from families, prayer groups, Churches, Communities, parishes etc to study the Word of God and enrol and appear for the Logs Quiz to be held next year.


Commencement of Registrations: June 1st, 2020.
Last date of Registration:             July 31, 2020

Exam Schedule:

Diocesan level exam date: 27-09-2020 (Sunday) Time 2.00 - 3.30 PM
State level exam date:      15, 28, 29 November 2020.


Deuteronomy (നിയമാവർത്തനം): 22-34, 
Sirach (പ്രഭാഷകൻ): 18-22, 
St Mark (വി മാർക്കോസ്): 1-8, 
1 Corinthians (1 കോറിന്തോസ്): 1-8

Age-wise groups (category):

A - Born on or after 01-01-2011
B-  Born between 01-01-2004 and 31-12-2008
C-  Born between 01-01-1989 and 31-12-2003
D-  Born between 01-01-1969 and 31-12-1988
E-  Born between 01-01-1956 and 31-12-1968
F-  Born on or before 31-12-1955.

How are questions and how to write Logos Bible Quiz?

There are 100 objective type questions. (A, B, C, D)
The candidate must darken the number of the right answer in the Answer Paper (OMR sheet).
Colouring (shading) can be done with a pen. No striking, cancelling, changing answers allowed.

How much is the Logos Examination fees?

The fees for the Logos Quiz is only Rs. 10.00 that hardly covers the cost of OMR sheet and question paper!

Logos Bible Quiz for NRIs:

Non resident Keralites can also participate in the Logos exam from their places. There are options for answering the Online Bible tests in Malayalam or English. Please check this website for online Registration from June 15th - September 28th: 


For any support please contact this number: 9961566044

God Bless!

Please make it a habit to Read the Holy Bible everyday before you read anything else like newspapers or magazines, or watch TV or switch-on mobile phone! Please read the related article about this:

Please check the below link for the Logos Quiz 2019 answer key. The 100 question numbers and the correct letter corresponding to the right answers only are given against each number for your quick reference. 

Meet Logos Bible Quiz 2019 Champion Metilda Johson.

കഴിഞ്ഞ വര്ഷം 2019 'ലോഗോസ് പ്രതിഭ' പട്ടം നേടിയ വെറും 11 വയസുകാരി മെറ്റിൽഡ ജോൺസൻ വീഡിയോ കാണുക.   

അഞ്ചരലക്ഷം പേരെ പിന്നിലാക്കിയ അഞ്ചാം ക്ലാസുകാരി...!


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