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Postures (Bodily & Physical Positions/gestures) play an important role anywhere and everywhere. Postures, known as 'Body Languages' are taught along with almost every academical studies/courses. A person without a pleasing BODY, MIND, POSTURE, and GESTURE is not entertained heartily by any one usually.

For example, a person who has taken the precious appointment of a world leader {very important person (VIP) - in the world's outlook}, prepares himself/herself in advance, to take better advantage of the limited - hard gained - time of the VIP.

He/she shows full Respect to the VIP with 'body and mind' to attract the VIP's appreciation. If this is the case with regard to the the 'now seen; then never seen' MORTALS..., How much care and preparedness any one who is planning to MEET the LORD ALMIGHTY {The Eternal JUDGE} should take...???

It is Better to know and observe some 'GOOD BODY LANGUAGE HABITS' in places of worship like Churches.

In most of the Catholic, Jacobite, Orthodox, Kananaya and Anglican Churches, the BODY of JESUS CHRIST in the form of EUCHARIST is venerated in a Tabernacle near to the Alter. So when a Devotee enters a Church, he/she must observe utmost devotion, discipline and reverence.

Certain Tips are supplied in this blog to help a Pious Christian to perform in a fitting manner in the Churches during the Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass.

PLEASE TRY TO FOLLOW THESE, IF YOU LIKE THEM and GET ABUNDANT BLESSINGS of the LORD. When You Follow these, You become able to WORSHIP in a more effective way and also become a source of inspiration to other devotees. Please remember to educate the Young Church too (Your Children and Students) , that they may grow as Devotional and Spiritual Christians worthy of their God Gifted Faith...!

  • The Holy Mass is the most sacred act of worship a person can participate in, upon earth. At the Last Supper, the Lord JESUS does something new, something never done before, and yet something which continues until the end of age. The Holy mass is performed throughout the world to fulfill HIS last commandment before HIS death."DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME". Any one participating in the Holy Mass is 'invited' by the Divine father. It is not because of our merits; but of HIS Mercy. Holy Mass is not to be seen, viewed or watched but offered and participated along with the priest (who is in the place of Lord Jesus)
  • The Holy mass is divided into different stages like (a) Penitential Rite (Repentance of one's sins) (b) Celebration of the 'Word of God' (c) Offering of own self and other things to the Lord (d) The Holy Communion (e) Thanks Giving and Blessings by the Priest.
  • When the Priest starts the Holy mass, the devotee must be able to see the Lord Jesus in him. Even though he is a normal human being like any one of us, when he is celebrating the Holy mass it must be believed that he transforms in to Jesus during the Mass.
  • Whenever the 'sign of the Cross' is performed, (In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit) the devote must make a sign of the Cross on his own body with his right hand ie. on the fore-head, upper stomach and on the left and right shoulder respectively.
  • We are all sinners and thus are unfit to be invited for the Heaven's Feast. But we can 'repent for our trespasses honestly, and purify ourselves' with HIS Mercy, Trusting fully in HIS Grace & Compassion. Then for seeking reconciliation with GOD and with one another, we pray together, "I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters...." Then we pray together, "Lord have Mercy, Christ have Mercy, Lord have Mercy." When we beg the Lord for HIS Mercy, we can keep our hands open and away from the body palms open and uplifted, as a beggar pleads to as for a coin ...!
  • When we have washed our trespasses and sin in the Mercy of the Lord, We are served with the DIVINE WORDS which is a very delicious food for the Soul and which is served only to the 'chosen' ones (the specially invited guests by the FATHER in HEAVEN). The Word of God is generally selected as the first and the next ones from the old testament or form the New Testament (other than the Gospel) and one from the Psalms. During these two/three Readings, All the congregation sit with keen attention (considering that God is speaking to us). And before the Gospel Acclamation, all stand in respect to listen to the WORDS Spoken by the Lord Himself, 2000 years ago. Then the Priest reads out the Gospel.


  1. These findings are very good.
    These must be taught to others.
    All should try to follow these body language postures at Churches....!

  2. Thank You Sir !!! For Sharing these which are Based on The
    "Holy Bible".


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