Saturday, November 24, 2012

Major Arch bishop Mar Baselios Mar Cleemis Ordained as Cardinal of Catholic Church

The Major Arch bishop of the Syro-Malanakara Catholic Church, Moron mar Baselios Cleemis is ordained and installed as the first Cardinal of Malankara Church by the descendant of Apostle St. Peter, Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in a historical spiritual celebration in the St. Peters Basilica in Rome just now.

The mega event was witnessed by a large number of Indians particularly Keralites from many parts of the world. More than a thousand people from India including special guests from the Indian Political and social segment also witnessed the spectacular Spiritual event in Vatican. They included Union Ministers, top political leaders, Muslim clergy (Imam) and Hindu swamy.

After the  coronation, the new Cardinal said that he prayed and will continue to pray for India and specially for Kerala. With the installation of Mar Cleemis as a Cardinal (with voting right to elect the Pope), Kerala Church will become proud and blessed to have six Cardinals...!

Cardinals are considered as Princes of the Catholic Church though they wear 'red' gowns which remind them the sacrifices and persecution underwent by the Divine Master, His Apostles and numerous Martyrs. 

All the faithful must pray for the chosen servants of the Lord so that they become more and more humble as they get more and more high positions.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shalom TV's Biblia : Malayalam Parish Bible Reality quiz show

Shalom TV, the first and pioneer Malayalam Christian Devotional channel is a gift to the Malayalee Christian communities in Kerala and around the world. All the devotional programs aired on this TV will doubtlessly increase the Faith and devotion of the people.

More than just a Television channel, The Word of God shared in it gives great source of spiritual and physical strength, healing of dreaded diseases, solaces in distress and helps one to grow in the light and path of shown by the Redeemer Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many programs worthy to be mentioned, but the 'BIBLIA' which is 'the Parish Bible Quiz' is a wonderful program that creates an urge in the people to learn the Holy Word of the Lord.

The Biblia has come to the mega finals. Congrats to all the parish teams that participated in the program. The winning team (Only One team) will get an opportunity to visit the Holy Lands with their Parish Priest.

May the Compassionate Lord help the producers of the program to extend the prizes to more eligible participating teams in future. 

There are many entertainment and intelligent reality shows on TVs and Lets hope that Shalom TV, the chosen tool to spread the message of the Lord, become capable to start some Bible Reality shows in the near future that will help the deserving people of the Lord spiritually as well as financially...!  

Praise the Lord and Remain Blessed...!

Please click the link to watch Shalom TV Live:

Monday, November 5, 2012

When is the End of the world / end of the age / Judgement Day / Dooms day / December 21, 2012...?

There are many searches in the search engines regarding the end of the world in which we live. Many people who are concerned about their worldly lives make searches to know the exact date of the dooms day, or when the end of the ages really happen as foretold by Lord Jesus Christ.

There are millions of websites and blogs related to the end on December 21, 2012...! Many are worried to leave their hard earned wealth, power, positions, luxurious life etc and leave this world. Actually such people are searching the net for some solace, and they want a message that assures them that the world will not end on December 21, 2012...!

In fact there is no end to the world on any such announced dates. For it is clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible that everything we see will end one day, but not on a day or date or hour as expected by the people. The Lord says clearly, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." (Mark 13:32). 

Who can prophecise or foretell something which is not revealed even to the SON of Man...? If anyone announces, mentions or teaches of the day or hour of the end / the judgement day...., he is a big liar and do not believe him...!

How ever every Christian should understand the signs and hints taught by the Master and "Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come" (Mark 13:33) 

The Divine Judge may come at any time, Today, tomorrow or any day and hour of HIS choice.... Let's Be Ready to face HIM....!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Major Arch Bishop Baselios Mar Cleemis of Syro-Malankara Catholic Church is elevated as the first Cardianl

Cardinal Baselios Mar Cleemis
The Holy Father Benedict XVI has announced the elevation of the Major Arch Bishop of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church Mar Baselios Mar Cleemis as a Cardinal of the Universal Catholic Church. The order of the Pontiff was read in the Thiruvannthapuram Cathedral today.

With his appointment as a Cardinal, Major Arch Bishop Moron Mor Baselios Cleemis is the first one from the Syro-Malankara Church to become a Cardinal of the Holy Catholic Church. He is the 89th Cardinal of the Catholic Church. The official anointment will take place in Vatican on the 24th of November, 2012.

The Malankara Catholic Church which was re-unified with the Catholic Church in 1930 has more than half a million (five lakhs) strong devotees.

Moron Cleemis Catholicos, who was ordained as a Priest in 1986, is one among the six new Cardinals announced by the Holy father this afternoon. With this the Universal Catholic Church of Lord Jesus Christ will have 211 Cardinals out of whom 89 having right to vote the Pope.

Let us all Pray for the new Cardinal and wish him all success to lead the Church as per the Will of the Master
 in the present era of the evil....!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Marian Pilgrimage (Einsiedelelike) by Syro Malabar Churches in Switzerland on October 28, 2012

On the last Sunday of the Holy Rosary month of 2012 ie on the 28th October, 2012, all the Marian devotees from all the Syro Malabar pastoral centers are arriving in Einsiedelelike as a pilgrimage.

The Bishop of Thrissur Diocese Mar Andrews Thazhath will celebrate the Holy High Mass and deliver the Lord's message. All the Marian devotees are cordially invited by the Church community to participate the mega spiritual event.

event schedule:

1.30 pm Holy Rosary (Japamala)
2.00 pm Holy Eucharistic Mass ( Visuddha Querbana)

Ave Maria

Zion (Seon /Sion) Retreat Center / Church, Muriyad, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur, kerala

What / Where is Zion Retreat Center...? By whom are it run...?

There are many inquiries and searches about a newly flourished 'Retreat center' near Irinjalakkuda. It is attracting a huge number of people (only/mostly Catholics) for retreats. Apparently many who underwent the retreats are said to have given up their bad habits. They have started reading the Holy Bible daily and saying Family prayers regularly.

It is a good and commendable thing. Others are naturally attracted towards this 'centre' voluntarily and there is a heavy rush of people undergoing retreats in different levels here. It is fine.

But the not so nice thing that are found in those who participated in the retreats is.......

They do not participate in the Sunday holy Eucharist which is a mandatory spiritual practice for the Catholics.

This information made me to search / inquire more about this center and gave me the information that this center is run by some lay missionaries who are talented in delivering Biblical Sermons and have walked out of the Catholic Church to form a cult / trust by name Emperor Emmanuel Church...!

Catholic Christians need to seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit to understand whether these trusts are Recognized by the Lord Jesus Christ or are just like the many cults against the Holy Catholic Church that mushroom and wither away soon.

We are not supposed to judge anyone as the Lord is the Only one to judge, but need to realize and believe...

Many Catholic believers are found attacking this organization, as it has come out of the Catholic Faith. While criticizing many Catholic Pastors and Priests for their spiritual ruin, they seem to be correct by most of the participants who agree with most of their claims.

  As the Lord Himself has said, "He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters" (Matthew 12:30)

...but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.... (Matt 24:13)!!!

As our Beloved Lord has also said in the Holy Bible, 

Do not stop him," Lord Jesus said. "No one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us" (Mark 9:40) 

Lets feel happy if anyone is Spreading the Holy Gospel of the Lord, without criticizing or working against HIS Church or chosen people...!

Please also visit:

IMPORTANT: Please read here my latest article about this DECEPTIVE anti-Christian cult written in March 2018:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catholic / Christian Year of Faith: 2012 October 11 to 2013 November 24

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XV! has declared the period from October 11th, 2012 to  November 24, 2013 as the Year of Faith....!

The Year of Faith begins in accordance with the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1962 and the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 1992. The Catholic Christian Year of Faith ends on the Feast Day of Christ the King in 2013 November 24th.

The Main theme of the Year Of Faith is " to Strengthen our Faith in HIM and to proclaim HIM with joy to the people of our time" 

Please refer the Vatican website on the 'Year of Faith' :

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mary Matha (Ross Hill) Shrine, Visakhapatnam Arch Diocese: Chain Rosary Prayer 2012

October month is dedicated by the Catholic world as the Month of the Holy Rosary. It is observed as a holy month throughout the world. People of all regions recite the Rosary Prayer in their families and in groups this month for getting special favors through the Holy Mother of Lord Jesus Christ.

With an aim to spread the devotion to the holy rosary around the globe, the Rose Hill (Mary Matha/ Mother Mary's) shrine situated in Visakhapatnam Arch-Diocese, has been conducting a Rosary Chain Prayer for the past 18 years successfully. This year too it has commenced on the 1st of October, 2012 and invites Rosary devotees from around the world to be a part of this noble venture.

One can be included and involved in this spiritual mission by sending his/her time of choice (any hour of the day in 24 hours) by e-mail or through a phone call. People from any part of the world, belonging to any Nationality can be a participant. One can be a Rosary volunteer for either this Rosary month of October or throughout the year 2012.

Those interested to be a part of this Great Mission, please contact to the below email address with necessary details like your Name, Parish, Diocese, time slot chosen, etc to the Director of Ross Hill Chapel, Visag.!



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guardian Angels feast Day: October 2nd: How fortunate and privileged we are...!

We see usually VIPs (very important persons) having one or more personal guards to protect them from attackers. Now-a-days even wealthy people appoint security guards for their personal safety. Heads of countries are supplied with the best personnel available in that particular country for very high salaries and other perks.

There are several instances in the world history of theses trusted personal security guards betraying their Masters...! For example, former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was brutally assassinated by her own trusted security guard.

Many of us fail to remember the presence of the heavenly guards appointed by our Heavenly Father after creating us. God our compassionate Creator does want any of HIS unique creatures get astray. He wants each and every human being on this earth to be safe and sound and walk in the right path. Hence HE has ordered HIS faithful and most trusted mighty servants- Angels, to watch over and protect HIS beloved children.

Though unseen, there is an invisible agent of the Almighty God always beside each and every one of us. let us not forget to thank them and the the ONE Who has specially appointed that special guard to protect our body and soul...!

Thank You God ....!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christian Persecution in Pakistan / Minority Communities are fleeing

Violence and atrocities on Religious minorities are increasing in Pakistan. The minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians are ill-treated and persecuted in this Islamic country. But the ones that suffer the most anr no doubt, the Christians only. Not only in Pakistan, but also in many other countries, the Christians are the most persecuted community / Religious sect in the entire world.

It was last week the dead body of a 11-year Christian boy was found with torture marks on the corpse. This has created terror and panic among the meek and vulnerable Christian Minority Community there in the country. In another incident an innocent minor girl, reported to be mentally challenged, is awarded death sentence (to be burned) by a local Mosque priest for burning Koran ....!

But many people universally  have stated that the child who is put in a high security prison (jail), is not only mentally challenged but also an illiterate who cannot read or write and hence she might not know what she was doing or which book she was burning....!

Religious fanatics in Pakistan take the law in to their hands and award death sentences for innocent minorities applying Blasphemy law. The Almighty God will not rejoice in the killing of HIS innocent children in HIS Name or for HIS sake. For God Only created every one and all people on earth are His dear children. God actually expects His devotees to be merciful and compassionate to the fellow living beings. People who Kill or hurt others will be punished by the Almighty.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Days Prayer to the Most Holy Spirit of God. For getting granted very impossible favors

                                       (To be Prayed for receiving most difficult Favors)


Note: While making this Prayer , You must promise either:
a.       (a) To publish this Prayer in print or electronic media and/or
b.        (b)   To take copies of this Prayer and circulate to as many people as possible.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why this 'Kolaveri' among Christian Church Bishops...? Malankara Syrian Orthodox Jacobite Churches of Kerala...!

The world is at its final days. Every Christian knows it and believes it. All the devoted Christians on the earth are praying for the salvation of the whole world. The followers of Lord Jesus Christ are known and called as Christians. Christians are supposed to work and pray for the salvation of all the mankind...!

But it is seen that people are fighting for money, power and personal pleasure. Corruption and Killing is increasing day-by-day. In India we see how many people are getting involved in huge scams and corruption. The wealth and money some leaders plunder is more than sufficent to buy some countries of the world...! Those who engage in crime to amass these huge wealth and to win some positions are probably thinking that they are going to live on this planet permanantly...! They do not know, so lets pardon them....!

But when it comes to Christianity, every Christianparticularly the heads of Churches and ministries should behave responsibly and lead an exemplery life. It is really heart breaking to hear news of the heads and believers of two Orthodox Jacobite churches of Kerala fighting for position and property. When will their fight end...? At least by the second coming of the Lord whom they claim to believe and preach...?

Every Christian must try to live like Christ. Every Christian head (whichever denomination or organization he/she leads) who live against the Preachings of Lord jesus Christ are not Christians ... but anti-Christians...! If anyone fights for prominance or hirarchy is not a Christian at all...and does not belong to Lord Jesus Chrsit who lived in utter poverty, never owned anything in the world and washed the feet of His disciples!

When the so called pagans are spending their valuable time and energy for gaining / retaining the worldly riches, power and positions and go around courts and judges, Is it advisable for the Honorouble Bishops to continue their disputes...? Can they not come to an amicable settlement by their own without dragging such Church matters to the courts and other mediators...? Can not one lose something for his brother...? Why not give something to his brother...? Why this 'KOLAVERY' among brothers...? Please think a while and do the needful...! God Bless...!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Plane Crash in Pakistan: 127 passengers fate...? Lets Pray...!

The painful news of one of the worst ever plane crash is just reported near Islamabad in Pakistan. All the passengers are afraid to have been killed. Poor whether condition is stated to be the cause. More details are just coming in only.

But we need to pray for the souls of all those who died in one of the worst ever disaster and for their bereaved families. Most of those family members were expecting their beloved ones shortly....!

May the Kind and Compassionate Almighty God grant rest to all those souls that faced sudden departure with out any time to prepare. May the Good God bless all the members of the grief-stricken family members and console them. Let us all pray...!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The First Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Feast day...!

Every Year, the Mother Church celebrates the 'Divine Mercy Sunday' Feast on the first Sunday that falls after Easter. Lord Jesus had told St Faustina that the Divine Mercy Feast Day is very important as "All the Divine floodgates are widely opened through which Graces abundantly flow".

On this day the devotees of the 'Divine Mercy' also throng to the Churches dedicated or established by apostle St. Thomas. They observe this Sunday as 'New Sunday' which is said as 'Puthu Njayarazcha'.

to be contd....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breaking Tsunami News - Tsunami warning lifted in most of Indian Ocean. God Heard our Prayer...!

While the latest updates for Tsunami warnings following the two massive earth quakes that hit Indonesia this afternoon are coming in, There is some reason for the people to shun panic as the warnings issued to some parts of the Indian Ocean are lifted as there are no major threat anticipated.

Even in Indonesia, no serious damages are reported yet. And the people are seen leaving a sigh of relief ...!

Lets thank the Lord and continue to pray not only for us and our house hold, ...but for the whole world. Prayer alone can perform many impossible things. Prayer is very powerful and guaranteed. Praise the Lord... Alleluia and Glory be to our God of Mercy and Compassion...!

Thank You Lord, You have answered our prayers, though we are unworthy sinners...! Forgive the sins of the world and forgive those who do not recognize or revere You...! Forgive those who do not believe in Your mighty deeds...! 

Let us all Unite in Prayer for the Tsunami 2012 victims and their kith and kin

The powerful twin earth quakes that hit Sumatra of Indonesia measuring 8.7 and 8.3 on the Richter scale in a gap of two hours today are reported as 'severe' and almost 28 countries are gripped in fear of a serious Tsunami as an after effect of those terrible earth quakes whose damages are yet to be calculated.

As Christians who consider all the human beings as brethren, we are bound to Pray vigorously for all those who are affected by these quakes and the tsunamis. May the Compassionate God reduce the intensity and damages related to any natural disasters.

God is the Creator of this universe. HE is the one who is capable of commanding HIS creatures including the seas, oceans, waves and water. Nothing can go beyond the wish and will of the Lord. But the human beings whom HE has granted free will and freedom only disobeys the commands of the Lord and act against HIS wishes and will.

We have seen earlier in 2004, how much loss of lives and properties a tsunami can cause. Its effects remain for many years to come to normalcy.

Prayer for God's help in natural calamities and disasters:

God, our Loving Father, We surrender at your feet for safety and security.
Bless your humble children who are gripped by terrible fear of the worst natural calamities.
We, silly human beings, though we boast of our intelligence and inventions, we are nothing Father.
We can neither save our selves nor rescue our dear and near ones.
We are absolutely helpless and we implore YOUR Mighty Hands to save us all from these natural disasters and grant us your heavenly peace and everlasting joy. 
We humbly make this prayer through Christ, Your Beloved Son and our Loving Lord, Amen....!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pope's Easter 2012 Message

The Holy Father Pope Benedict the XVI on Easter Sunday Celebrated the Most Holy and Glorious Easter High Mass in the World famous St. Peters Basilica in Vatican. About 100,000 Catholic Faithful devotedly part took in the Easter Mass. In his Easter Message the Pontiff urged Syria to shun violence and heed to the global demands to end blood-shed in the land and expressed hope that the Peace and Joy of Easter would comfort the Christian Communities that suffer for their faith world-wide.

The eighty six year old Pontiff who led a long Easter Vigil Service

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter 2012 is on April 8th. Easter Message and Wishes to one and all...!

As every one knows, the Greatest, Holiest and Most Glorious Solemn Feast for the Christian Community on the planet is the Easter. This year's Easter 2012 falls on the eighth of April, 2012.

Many people, mostly the non-Christians think that the Christmas is the most important Christian Festival in the world. But in fact, Christmas, the holy Birth Day of the Savior of the world, the Son of God is only next to the Feast of HIS Resurrection - The Easter.

Birth Days are celebrated by almost all people of the world. They include presidents, leaders, scientists, social reformers, freedom fighters and even the common people. Birth days of many religious and spiritual leaders are also observed by the followers of those religions.

But the Resurrection ( the day of rising again from death ) of Only One Person is celebrated in the entire world and it the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the Humanity. 

Why is Easter the Greatest and most important Feast Day for the Christians?
Many great people were born and lived in this beautiful planet earth for some time and passed away. There are many who fought for the worldly liberation of the suppressed, oppressed and the neglected. There are many great emperors and kings who ruled their subjects fairly with love. They all died at a point of time and got removed from the living. The world fondly remembers many of them. But none of them rose again after their death. Only the incarnated God, Jesus Christ rose again on the third day of His greatest Passion and death. Because only HE had authority on the death. Only He conquered the death and its stings for our sake. Hence the Easter is the most important of all the Celebrations of the whole of the world.

The Tomb of the Lord Jesus is the only tomb open and empty of all the graves in the history of the whole world.

Praise be to the Lord Almighty. Glory Be to the Lord who defeated satan and death for HIS chosen ones. Amen... Amen....!

Happy Easter Wishes and Hearty Greetings to one and all....!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enter Holy Week 2012 with Hosanna Sunday (Palm Sunday)

Today the entire world is celebrating the Hosanna Sunday. 'Hosanna Sunday' is otherwise called as 'Palm Sunday' which commemorates the triumphant entry of the Lord Jesus Christ in to the City of Jerusalem.

When the 'time for the Son of Man had come to be glorified, he sat on the colt of a donkey and were led by the multitude to the Temple City, Jerusalem. The people who went before and after the Lord were in great joy and led the Lord in a procession carrying palm leaves, shouting 'Hosanna to the Son of David, Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna...! Many spread their clothes on the road, some spread the leaves of trees.

What does the word 'Hosanna really mean...? Many people think that the meaning of the word is 'Glory to God' or Victory to the Son of God. But according to Bible pundits, Hosanna means ' Please Save us now God' or 'Redeem us now God'. It is mentioned in Psalm 118:25. As it is a prayer of the Israelite meant only to the Almighty God, the priests and the Pharisees very angry and asked the Lord to stop the people crying 'Hosanna'...! They knew that those people who were shouting Hosanna were calling Lord Jesus Lord, Son of God and Jehovah...!

With the arrival of Hosanna, the Christian devotees world-wide are entering the Holy Week. The most important and Holiest Week in the Christian Liturgical calender. Those who want to cleanse their lives can utilize this week by seeking the Holy Sacrament of Confession...!

Let us all prepare our souls well and await in vigil for the Resurrection of the Savior of the world, the Easter 2012...!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Holy Father receiving warm welcome in Santiago in Cuba...! Slams Marxism and communism

The Spiritual head of the universal Catholic Church and the heir of Apostle St. Peter, Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has has begun his Cuban visit and the people of Cuba are very enthusiastic to welcome the Pontiff.

The Pontiff's visit comes after his criticism on the Marxist and communist ideology saying 'it no longer corresponded to any reality' and 'it did not have any place in the modern world'. He urged the Cuban people to  find new models...!

Though he knew that his comments ahead of his visit to Cuba, on the dark political situation which is prevailing in that country for over fifty years, would cause eye brows to raise, the Pontiff did not fear to pronounce the truth.

The Holy Father said that the Marxist (Communist) ideology in the way it was conceived, no longer corresponds to reality. In the way, it is not possible to respond and build a society. So he asked the people to find a new models with patience in a constructive way....!

It is expected that the Holy father's call would bring a lot of change in the mindset of not only the Cuban People but also that of the world...!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Manarcadu St Mary's Church Miracle ...! Believe it or Not...!

The recent miracle taking place on the Granite 'Holy Cross' situated at the St. Mary's Cathedral Church, Manarcad in Kottayam district is yet another message from the Blessed Virgin Mary to her beloved children. This incident was telecast by popular Malayalam channel Asianet in 'Viswasichalum Illenkilum' program.

Large number of people from all religions and communities are visiting this famous pilgrim center to see the miracle. The According to sources, the incident first occurred after a three day retreat in the Church last month end. beautifully scented oil started flowing from the large 'Cross' made of granite. According to eye witness and people from all walks of life, the fragrance of the heavenly oil fills the area and its surroundings.

It should be an eye-opener for the heads of the Syrian Orthodox and Jacobite Church denominations who are in constant dispute over authority, power and property. It is really heart breaking to see the news of disputes, quarrels, police cases, court cases, electronic and media reports, etc by the hon'ble and reverend Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Clergy and the faithful attacking and blaming one another and to keep on fighting till the Lord Jesus Comes...!

Both the rites (Syrian Jacobite and Orthodox) that follow the Lord, who asked HIS disciples to forgo everything for the sake of the Kingdom of God, is expecting some flexibility from both the parties. If the two groups who are real brothers fight over worldly things, Mary, the Mother of the Lord will be very much disappointed on the actions of her children against the 'Wish' of Her Son...!

If anyone who says he is a Christian and is not ready to forgive and forget, we need to check whether he is a Christian or anti-Christian what ever place or position he adorns....!!!

To watch the video.... Click the link

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baseless allegations on Nuns and Religious - Piravom by elections 2012

The prestigious and highly fought by-elections to Kerala's Piravom Assembly Constituency was held today peacefully amid tight police security, party agents and electoral officials, with out reporting any untoward incidents of any kind.

It is a good news to see the the poll percentage of this constituency was record high nearing ninety percentage (90%). It shows the people's responsibility to elect their leader. While the UDF headed by the Indian National Congress Party and the LDF headed by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)  expressed confidence of winning this prestigious seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remained silent and started to criticize the entire system, the minorities and the other Fronts.

It is unfortunate for the leaders of the parties who are fearing defeat in the polls to criticize the nuns and charge base less and unnecessary allegations against them saying they cast fake votes, only to cover their faces.

The polling officers present in the booths and the agents of the political parties can easily identify any person trying in any poll malpractices. There may be nuns who belong to those areas and whose names are registered in the electoral list serving else where. What is the wrong if nuns or religious people come and exercise their franchise.

There are some people who always try to find fault with the Christian priests and the religious, as they know that they will not react like the common people. It is not a good practice to blame such people and attack the minorities who are meek to avoid any fear of failure or gaining silly political or communal mileage and undue popularity....! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

War clouds hovering over South east Asia under another ...? Israel striking Iran first...?

As the countries involved in building nuclear capabilities and those opposing it are stern in their stands, the possibility of any 'Peace Situation' in the gulf region is very far. A war is visible in a near future. In-spite of the imposition of economic sanctions, Iran is adamant in its stands, and this is provoking the International community on Iran's alleged nuclear weapon build-up.

What ever the reason, the Holy Bible's  verses have to fulfill. But it is very necessary for the world leaders to strive for the prevalence of Peace and Harmony among world countries.

On the other side, Some Countries like China are increasing their military capability and allocating huge funds in their budgets for accumulating more and more weapons. There is a major portion of their population starving and struggling below poverty line. Instead of diverting funds to eliminate poverty and starving, what s the use of buying more and more weaponry....?

Do they have any external threat from any other country...? No....! Their only aim is to threaten and if necessary, attack their neighbor.

If all the leaders of all the world countries resolve to adhere to peace and harmony, the earth will be another paradise. It is high time for the devotees of the Lord to Pray for the peace of the world. Any war in any part of the world will be disastrous for the entire people of the world. No one is safe on this earth....!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alarming news- Christian Population is decreasing in London. Who is responsible...?

The recent news appeared in the print and electronic media, stating that England, considered as a Christian Country is soon going to be a non-Christian country, following the steep fall of the Christian population in that country.

According to that shocking news for the Church and the Christian community world wide, Briton which was counted as a Christian Country with majority christian population, will soon become a country with non-Christians and atheists amounting to more than half of its population in the years to come.

It is surprising to see the rise of the number of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims there in the recent years, while Christianity and Jewish communities reduced in their numbers.

The report says that every year around half a million Christians are losing their faith and going away from Christianity. And the number becoming atheists and going away from the Love of the Good God every year is more than that.

It is high time for the Church and Every Christian in the UK to check this and do his/her mite for the salvation of the souls. Let every soul self examine whether we are fulfilling our spiritual duty of guiding and gathering our fellow beings to the Lord or we are also remaining as Christians, without the life of the Holy Spirit in us.

Let us all pray for those who lose their Faith....!

Friday, March 2, 2012

US House of Representatives introduce Resolution on Religious Freedom in Gujarat of India

Godhra Train Tragedy, 2002
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the horrible Communal and Religious carnage mooted out at the Non-Hindus, specially on the Muslims, allegedly with the back ground support and patronage of the BJP led State government and its Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the UAS house of Representatives have introduced a Congressional Resolution urging the Narendra Modi -led Gujarat Government to restore Religious Freedom and Communal harmony in the state.

The non-binding resolution (bearing number H Res 569), which has no co-sponsors was introduced by Congressman Keith Ellison in recognition to the tragic communal violence in Gujarath in 2002, is sent to the House of Foreign Affairs Committee for further action.

The Resolution in which the US Department of State shares the opinion that the Government of Gujarat has not done enough justice and compensation for the riot victims of 2002, including the most tragic Godhra Train fire.

India which has a long cultural and traditional heritage and a long history of amicability and communal harmony is damaged by the activities of some selfish and rude politicians whose only motive is to gain power  even if by the support of religious extremists.

Vatican's Prayer Intentions for the Month of March 2012, for universal women

As the world women's Day is celebrated in the month of March, keeping this in view, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who is the heir of Apostle St. Peter, has announced the prayer intentions for March 2012.

In the general prayer intentions released by the Pontiff he has asked the universal Catholic community to pray: "That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society."

He has also asked the Catholics world-wide to pray for his missionary intention, "That the Holy Spirit may grant perseverance to those who suffer discrimination, persecution or death for the name of Lord Jesus Christ, particularly in Asian countries."

Let all the Christians pray for these two intentions particularly during the season of lent.

Friday, February 17, 2012

President Barack Obama's New HHS Insurance opposed by Americans

The newest policy of the American President Obama's HHS (Health and Human Services) implementing health insurance plans to be provided by the employer in which coverage of 'contraceptive services' for female employees including those serving at the Christian Religiously affiliated institutions is mentioned, has attracted wide criticism among the Catholic / Christian Population that is morally against the use of artificial birth control.

About half of the Americans voters expressed their disinterest and opposition on this new policy. According to surveys conducted by CNN, Rasmussen, Pew, CBS New York Times all Polls more or less showed that about forty to fifty percent of the voters strongly opposed this new policy and the image of Obama has sharply fallen down.

Leaders and rulers should always remember to introduce rules and regulations for the welfare of the people, without forgetting the Laws of the Almighty God and HIS Word.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Morphed Last Supper Poster - Knowingly trying to create communal unrest...?

The controversial and heinous poster created by Communist Party of India (Marxist), morphing the images of Lord Jesus Christ and HIS Disciples in the Last Supper Paintings, with that of some politicians was evident of its intentions- just to create communal unrest and disrupt the social harmony and thus to earn some dirty political mileage.

This act of the communists, who neither believe in God nor allow its cadres and people to believe in God should not have committed such a grave mistake. People from all walks of life keeping away their religious differences have strongly condemned this act and are planning to keep away from this dangerous party.

Being a political party that knows and understands the sentiments and feelings of the people, they have committed an act of willful blatant blasphemy for which they need to make an immediate apology.

It is good to recollect what Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha did during her previous terms election campaign. She morphed the face of Blessed Mother Vailankanni, who is revered and honored by many people across religious lines, and kept her face in some posters and banners that taught her a bitter lesson then.

Any political party or organization or groups or individuals that try to spoil the peaceful life, friendship and harmony of the people should be considered as the enemy of the country and its citizens, and should be completely isolated.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Power of praying the 'Holy Rosary' every day...!

As the world is apparently in its final times..., People who receive inspiration from the Most High God to seek and get Salvation of the Lord and attain Heaven are running here and there in search of God's Free Gift of Eternal Life...!

It is a matter of great joy for people like me to see many devotees including non-Catholics, protestants and Non-Christians seeking the intervention of the Lord's Blessed Virgin Mother Mary to get Redeemed.

In this pursuit many people who used denounce in the past, the part of the Blessed Mother in the Holy act of Redemption, started accepting her part and seeking her blessings.

There are many Catholics too who did not give any importance to the special prayer 'Rosary' which is a powerful weapon against the satan and the powers of the darkness, started praying it regularly.

There are numerous Saints and Blessed people who experienced spiritual blessings in abundant, hence strongly recommend the 'Prayer of Rosary', which will CERTAINLY do Miracles in our Spiritual, Physical as well as family and individual lives.

Pray at least one Rosary a day in your family, and watch the amount of blessings it gives to all the members of the family. People who wish the conversion of sinful people (including your own family members, husbands, wives, children, parents, relatives, friends) or persecutors of the Christians or for receiving special favors can get GUARANTEED RESULTS by Praying the Holy Rosary with devotion and Belief....! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who are the anti- Christs...? The enemies of Christ's Church...?In the Present day scenario ...!

Even though the mention of the anti-Christ is made in several books and the Holy Gospels, many people even today raise a question 'Who are the enemies of The Lord' Sacred Church?' The Holy Bible categorically states verses of the Lord, "Whoever is not for Me is against Me".

According to the latest findings Christianity is the most persecuted race in the world. About 75 percent of the total number of people persecuted around the world are Christians - those who believe and follow the Lord, Jesus Christ. All those leaders and rulers of the world countries, who afflict and persecute these poor and meek community are of course, anti-Christs.

Some Religious fanatics who cannot bear the out flow of people from their Religions to the 'Life Giving Truth' of the Lord by listening to the 'Good News' get attracted and converted to Christianity. This make them violent and forces them to turn against the 'Truth' and the people who walk in that 'Path'. So they resort to destroying the 'Church' by persecuting the poor and peace-loving Christians. These people also come under the catogory of anti Christs.

But in my humble opinion, the Pastors, Priests and the Religious, who have pledged to follow the Lord and obey His Commands, forget their 'calling' and start living a life similar (and sometimes worse) to that of a pagan, leaving and abandoning the Values and Ethics of the Sacred Faith and living adversely to the Teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, and persecuting the Lord Jesus with their bad examples and lives are the Most dangerous enemies of Christ and anti-Christs.

Those Christian institutions like Churches, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Ministries, NGOs, that run and exist for mere worldly riches, money and power are the enemies of Christ. And all those who are responsible for such organizations and Institutions are causing to create a hatred and disgrace among the people of other communities to the Lord, His Church and His flock, and they are also horrible enemies of the Universal Church of Christ and are anti-Christs of the highest grade.

Please open your eyes and think once, how much you are damaging the Church of Christ...!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mar George Alencherry made Cardinal of Catholic Church

Syro-Malabar Church's Major Arch Bishop Mar George Alancherry is elevated to the status of Cardinal by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, who is the present successor of the Lord's own Apostle St. Peter.

Mar Alechery is the fourth Keralite and the tenth Indian to become a Cardinal. He is one of the three prelates from India, who have voting right to elect the Pope.

Mar George was the first Major Arch Bishop to be elected, following the demise of Major Arch Bishop and Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil on May 24th, 2011.

May the Good God give him wisdom and the discernment of the Holy Spirit to lead the Church entrusted to his care and good health and log life.

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