Friday, April 20, 2012

Plane Crash in Pakistan: 127 passengers fate...? Lets Pray...!

The painful news of one of the worst ever plane crash is just reported near Islamabad in Pakistan. All the passengers are afraid to have been killed. Poor whether condition is stated to be the cause. More details are just coming in only.

But we need to pray for the souls of all those who died in one of the worst ever disaster and for their bereaved families. Most of those family members were expecting their beloved ones shortly....!

May the Kind and Compassionate Almighty God grant rest to all those souls that faced sudden departure with out any time to prepare. May the Good God bless all the members of the grief-stricken family members and console them. Let us all pray...!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The First Sunday after Easter is Divine Mercy Feast day...!

Every Year, the Mother Church celebrates the 'Divine Mercy Sunday' Feast on the first Sunday that falls after Easter. Lord Jesus had told St Faustina that the Divine Mercy Feast Day is very important as "All the Divine floodgates are widely opened through which Graces abundantly flow".

On this day the devotees of the 'Divine Mercy' also throng to the Churches dedicated or established by apostle St. Thomas. They observe this Sunday as 'New Sunday' which is said as 'Puthu Njayarazcha'.

to be contd....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breaking Tsunami News - Tsunami warning lifted in most of Indian Ocean. God Heard our Prayer...!

While the latest updates for Tsunami warnings following the two massive earth quakes that hit Indonesia this afternoon are coming in, There is some reason for the people to shun panic as the warnings issued to some parts of the Indian Ocean are lifted as there are no major threat anticipated.

Even in Indonesia, no serious damages are reported yet. And the people are seen leaving a sigh of relief ...!

Lets thank the Lord and continue to pray not only for us and our house hold, ...but for the whole world. Prayer alone can perform many impossible things. Prayer is very powerful and guaranteed. Praise the Lord... Alleluia and Glory be to our God of Mercy and Compassion...!

Thank You Lord, You have answered our prayers, though we are unworthy sinners...! Forgive the sins of the world and forgive those who do not recognize or revere You...! Forgive those who do not believe in Your mighty deeds...! 

Let us all Unite in Prayer for the Tsunami 2012 victims and their kith and kin

The powerful twin earth quakes that hit Sumatra of Indonesia measuring 8.7 and 8.3 on the Richter scale in a gap of two hours today are reported as 'severe' and almost 28 countries are gripped in fear of a serious Tsunami as an after effect of those terrible earth quakes whose damages are yet to be calculated.

As Christians who consider all the human beings as brethren, we are bound to Pray vigorously for all those who are affected by these quakes and the tsunamis. May the Compassionate God reduce the intensity and damages related to any natural disasters.

God is the Creator of this universe. HE is the one who is capable of commanding HIS creatures including the seas, oceans, waves and water. Nothing can go beyond the wish and will of the Lord. But the human beings whom HE has granted free will and freedom only disobeys the commands of the Lord and act against HIS wishes and will.

We have seen earlier in 2004, how much loss of lives and properties a tsunami can cause. Its effects remain for many years to come to normalcy.

Prayer for God's help in natural calamities and disasters:

God, our Loving Father, We surrender at your feet for safety and security.
Bless your humble children who are gripped by terrible fear of the worst natural calamities.
We, silly human beings, though we boast of our intelligence and inventions, we are nothing Father.
We can neither save our selves nor rescue our dear and near ones.
We are absolutely helpless and we implore YOUR Mighty Hands to save us all from these natural disasters and grant us your heavenly peace and everlasting joy. 
We humbly make this prayer through Christ, Your Beloved Son and our Loving Lord, Amen....!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pope's Easter 2012 Message

The Holy Father Pope Benedict the XVI on Easter Sunday Celebrated the Most Holy and Glorious Easter High Mass in the World famous St. Peters Basilica in Vatican. About 100,000 Catholic Faithful devotedly part took in the Easter Mass. In his Easter Message the Pontiff urged Syria to shun violence and heed to the global demands to end blood-shed in the land and expressed hope that the Peace and Joy of Easter would comfort the Christian Communities that suffer for their faith world-wide.

The eighty six year old Pontiff who led a long Easter Vigil Service

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter 2012 is on April 8th. Easter Message and Wishes to one and all...!

As every one knows, the Greatest, Holiest and Most Glorious Solemn Feast for the Christian Community on the planet is the Easter. This year's Easter 2012 falls on the eighth of April, 2012.

Many people, mostly the non-Christians think that the Christmas is the most important Christian Festival in the world. But in fact, Christmas, the holy Birth Day of the Savior of the world, the Son of God is only next to the Feast of HIS Resurrection - The Easter.

Birth Days are celebrated by almost all people of the world. They include presidents, leaders, scientists, social reformers, freedom fighters and even the common people. Birth days of many religious and spiritual leaders are also observed by the followers of those religions.

But the Resurrection ( the day of rising again from death ) of Only One Person is celebrated in the entire world and it the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the Humanity. 

Why is Easter the Greatest and most important Feast Day for the Christians?
Many great people were born and lived in this beautiful planet earth for some time and passed away. There are many who fought for the worldly liberation of the suppressed, oppressed and the neglected. There are many great emperors and kings who ruled their subjects fairly with love. They all died at a point of time and got removed from the living. The world fondly remembers many of them. But none of them rose again after their death. Only the incarnated God, Jesus Christ rose again on the third day of His greatest Passion and death. Because only HE had authority on the death. Only He conquered the death and its stings for our sake. Hence the Easter is the most important of all the Celebrations of the whole of the world.

The Tomb of the Lord Jesus is the only tomb open and empty of all the graves in the history of the whole world.

Praise be to the Lord Almighty. Glory Be to the Lord who defeated satan and death for HIS chosen ones. Amen... Amen....!

Happy Easter Wishes and Hearty Greetings to one and all....!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enter Holy Week 2012 with Hosanna Sunday (Palm Sunday)

Today the entire world is celebrating the Hosanna Sunday. 'Hosanna Sunday' is otherwise called as 'Palm Sunday' which commemorates the triumphant entry of the Lord Jesus Christ in to the City of Jerusalem.

When the 'time for the Son of Man had come to be glorified, he sat on the colt of a donkey and were led by the multitude to the Temple City, Jerusalem. The people who went before and after the Lord were in great joy and led the Lord in a procession carrying palm leaves, shouting 'Hosanna to the Son of David, Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna...! Many spread their clothes on the road, some spread the leaves of trees.

What does the word 'Hosanna really mean...? Many people think that the meaning of the word is 'Glory to God' or Victory to the Son of God. But according to Bible pundits, Hosanna means ' Please Save us now God' or 'Redeem us now God'. It is mentioned in Psalm 118:25. As it is a prayer of the Israelite meant only to the Almighty God, the priests and the Pharisees very angry and asked the Lord to stop the people crying 'Hosanna'...! They knew that those people who were shouting Hosanna were calling Lord Jesus Lord, Son of God and Jehovah...!

With the arrival of Hosanna, the Christian devotees world-wide are entering the Holy Week. The most important and Holiest Week in the Christian Liturgical calender. Those who want to cleanse their lives can utilize this week by seeking the Holy Sacrament of Confession...!

Let us all prepare our souls well and await in vigil for the Resurrection of the Savior of the world, the Easter 2012...!