Monday, October 25, 2010


Most of the Humanity in the Universe know that, the Greatest Name ever given in the history of the universe is the Most Holy Name: *JESUS !*. This is the Name of the Savior of the Humanity. The Holy Name of the Incarnate God Himself. The Holy Name which has the complete authority in the entire universe. The only Name capable of granting ever lasting life in Heaven.

So how to say or utter that Holy Name of Jesus...? In my humble opinion, I greatly feel that The greatest name of the Greatest and True God of the universe should be uttered with highest Reverence and titles. When we say the names of worldly people with their titles and surnames, why don't we say the Lord's Holy name with due titles, when HE has many...?

It is quite unfortunate to note that this Very Holy Name of the Divine Master is used by His own chosen people without any special respect or titles! When we know sufficiently how to utter the name of a human leader adding many titles, prefixes and suffixes to his/her name to please him/her, I wonder why we (even the devotees) enunciate the Most High Lord’s Holy Name without any least reverence…! For example, we say President Abraham Lincoln, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Mr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc… A faithful will never call a Pope or Bishop merely by his name. We say Holy Father Benedict the XVI and the normal world at least says Pope or Pontiff Benedict XVI. Likewise when our Visakhapatnam bishop visited our St Ann’s Catholic Church, Kakinada, he was addressed as His Excellency Dr Kagithapu Mariadass or Right Reverend Dr K Mariadass. The non-Christian community addresses him by saying Arch Bishop Dr. K. Mariadass MSFS; DD JUD.

The same is maintained the world-over by all denominations when they come to show their respect to their Bishops or Priests. Many Syrian Bishops in Kerala are affectionately and respectfully called with a title ‘Mar’ example Major Arch Bishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil, Major Arch Bishop Mar Baselios Cleemis etc… I have never seen in my entire life some one calling a priest by his bare name in India. A priest or pastor is addressed as Rev Fr Thomas Choorackal or Fr Sebastian Edakkarotte or Rev Dr Dinakaran or Rev Bishop K. P. Yohannan. The regrettable part is that I see almost all of these Fathers and Pastors calling their Most High Master just JESUS…!

I strongly feel that the Divine Master must be called at least as Lord JESUS or JESUS the Savior. I suggest when we call upon our Lord in prayer we must add at-least one of HIS additional Titles or Adjectives with strong devotion and love to the Name of our Lord even if they are not mentioned in the prayer books. For Example, where ever there is only 'Jesus' mentioned I request the devotees to call Lord Jesus or Christ Jesus or Jesus Son of God or Jesus Master of the Universe....!

If we observe closely how people belonging to other religions say the names of their prophets or Gods, it is enough to open the eyes of the Christians to give due respect to the Holy Name of JESUS the son of Almighty God…!!!

I used to watch a devotional program telecast in the Surya TV (a leading television net work in Malayalam) which shared the positive outlook of different religions by learned and famous Hindu Pundits, Islamic Scholars and Christian Priests/Pastors. I was happy when I watched the Hindu Swamis and Muslim Clerics pronouncing the names of their idols with a lot of honor as Bhagavan (God) Sri/Shri (a word used in India with respect before a name) Rama Chandra Murthy, Bhagavan Sri Krishna and noticed the Muslims never call their Prophet Muhammad (Mohammed) without the title ‘Prophet’. And I was delighted to watch seeing the Islamic scholars always call God as “Parama Karunyavanaya Allahu” (Most Merciful Allah) or “Sarva Shakthanaya Allahu” (Allah the Almighty). When ever a Christian Priest or Pastor use their Master’s name they repeatedly simply said ‘Jesus’ (as if they were saying the name of some children or their colleagues)…! It is very unfortunate and saddening. Let me hope that here after the devotees of Lord Jesus Christ use HIS most powerful, holy and greatest Name with due respect and veneration.


  1. It is a wonderful suggestion. When we dare not to call our earthly masters by their name, how can we call our Most High Heavenly Master just His Name...?

  2. 'Jesus Christ' - is the greatest name in the universe. Let all knees bow before HIM and all lips sing HIS praise.


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