Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Matt 5:16. Let your light shine before others to Glorify your Father in Heaven

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and Glorify your Father in Heaven" (Matt 5:16). 

Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the incarnate Son of God gave away everything He had for us- His Body, Blood, Spirit, Power, Love, Compassion... He was too generous to give His own Almighty Heavenly Father and Virgin Mother as our Father and Mother! It is an act that cannot happen in the normal human understanding. God is far beyond the reach of human beings in everything. God is very holy and man is sinful. God is almighty and man is nothing in comparison to God. Still out of His unstinting Love for us, our Lord Jesus gave us His Father and asked us not to bring disgrace to Him with our devilish behavior. 

It is said that 'Yatha Raja, tatha praja' (As the king so the people) or 'Yatha Pitha, tatha Putra' (like father, like son). If a person is well mannered and good, it will bring good name and fame to his parents particularly his father. Likewise if a person behaves wickedly, he will put his parents to dishonor and shame. 

This is what the great Indian poet Thiruvalluvar also has written, "Makan thanthaikku aatrum udhavi ivan thanthai ennotran kol enum sol" [The greatest filial service of a son is to behave in such a manner and make the world wonder and ask what penance has his father performed to be blessed with such a son.]

Our Lord and Savior has asked us his disciples (or pleaded us) to conduct in such a way that the gentiles see the good deeds of the Christians and glorify the Heavenly Father who is Almighty and Eternal. If a person claims to be a Christian and engages in criminal activities, he is bringing dishonor not only to the Heavenly Father, but also to our Lord Who laid down His Life for us and to HIS Holy Church on this earth. 

If a Christian leader or politician (or a person with a Christian name) involves in corruptions or cheating or any other criminal activities what disgrace he is bringing to the Lord and His Church. If anyone has committed and involved in any unlawful activities, he/she should shun that path and seek God's pardon and forgiveness immediately. 

The recent damage inflicted by the Kerala based priest to the local church through his heinous act is horrible. But it will not affect the Church of the Lord. Even one among the 12 Apostles of the Lord was a traitor but it was not the end of the Church. There were some priests and religious people like this in the Church who slowly neglected their personal prayers (and Rosary Prayers) due to their busy 'service' activities and fell prey for the evil spirits. Power and positions are always dangerous and may slowly widen the gap between one's religious calling. May this serve as a warning to those anointed persons who devote much of their time for other activities neglecting the most important thing in their lives that it Prayer (and the personal relationship with the Lord and His Mother). If any faithful of the Lord happens to fall in any trap of satan, he/she should immediately detest the pleasure of sins and run away to cleanse him/herself through the sacrament of Confession. Otherwise satan will see that the child of God is completely ruined. 

It is highly advisable for the Christians not to use or to minimize the use the internet and social medias like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc as there are hidden traps laid by the devil. If it cannot be avoided, use it very carefully, diligently and prayerfully. Regular reciting of the Rosary Prayer will definitely protect every child of God from falling in to the attractions of the world and create a feeling of contempt to the worldly attractions like movies, serials, televisions, liquor, parties, etc... 

"Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us." (1 Peter 2:12)

Please Read the Holy Word of God and pray the Rosary and other Prayers regularly. Help others also to walk in the path of God. Lets try to glorify the Heavenly Father by showing our good deeds before others and avoiding anything that is evil. 

God Bless!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

An Indian Priest visits hell, purgatory and Heaven: Live video Testimony

This is not a fabricated story or imagination. It is a real incident. It happened about 30 years ago. To a matured Christian Priest. As it is strongly felt that it is very much necessary to mention it now, to bring to the notice of them who conveniently refuse to believe or neglect the very facts told by Lord Jesus about the existence of hell, purgatory and Heaven, I am listing here the own testimony of the Catholic Priest who personally was taken to these places and was allowed to have a first hand experience.

God's words clearly mention in the Holy Bible about the life after death. The Lord has categorically stated that 'the hell is full of fire that does not diminish and worms that do not die' (Mark 9:48). Unfortunately many people now-a-days are seen making statements and arguments in different ways trying to say that the hell full of unquenching fire is not true with a 'nice' motive of removing the fear of hell from the human minds..! It is very unfortunate that there are some preachers (including some Bishops and Priests) who deliver soft and smooth sermons with their own findings like 'the hell is an imaginary state of mind or the hell is in this world only' etc.

The Lord Jesus while saying the incident (true story) of the 'rich man and Lazarus' (Luke 16: 23-25) tells how the fiery the hades are, It is not a parable but He says, "There was a rich man...."

Some Saints were allowed to visit the hell, purgatory and Heaven. After seeing the plight of people in the fiery hell, they shivered and spent the rest of their lives in intercessory prayers. 

Rev Father Jose Maniyangat who is now actively conducting a full time healing ministry in the USA tells about how he met with a fatal accident while he was going for Parish duty when he was in Kerala and how he was taken by his guardian Angel after his soul left his body to see the hell, purgatory and Heaven, and how he met the Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother and St Joseph. 

In his testimony the father says that he was surprised to see some persons in the hell whom he had known earlier. They included some Bishops and Priests whom he never expected to see there. 


Youtube video testimony of Rev Fr Jose Maniyangattu in Malayalam:

Youtube video testimony of Fr Jose's story by Rev Fr Joseph Mary's Homily in English:

Written testimony of Rev Fr Jose in English:

Rev Fr Jose Maniyangat Ministry and Prayer Request:

Please forward/share this blog post with others to remind and warn them about the eternal life after death. Lets also Pray earnestly that no one goes to hell........because our Lord has shed His precious blood for the salvation of the whole humanity.......

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016! (Not Merry X-Mas) Christ+Mass

The Holy Season of Advent 2016 has come to an end with the dawn of the Christmas Day just now today. 'Advent' is the season when the faithful world-wide wait eagerly and prepare mentally and spiritually for the 'Coming' of the Lord Jesus Christ to be born as a human in this world.

Many people who were with us to celebrate the last Christmas 2015 are not alive to see this Christmas. By the grace of Lord Jesus, you and me are still alive to see, witness and live one more Christmas. Thank You God!

Some people spend time discussing what to add before Christmas! Whether it is 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Christmas'. Even though there is slight difference in these words, Christmas is a celebration that brings merry making and happiness.

Christmas is the only festival celebrated throughout the world, and in every parts of the universe, by most of the humanity. Christmas brings Joy, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and Blessings to one and all. Because The Lord Jesus Christ took the incarnation of a man to be offered as a ransom for the redemption of the entire mankind, without any discrimination of race, religion, region etc, Christmas is not the festival of just Christians but every human beings.

Christmas was shortly mentioned as X-Mas in the yesteryears. It is because the Greek letter X was pronounced as 'Kye' which is the first letter of Christ in Greek language. Even though Christmas was written as X Mas in greeting cards and letters, it was pronounced as 'Christ Mass'. But with arrival of internet the meanings of the letters are misinterpreted. As per Mathematical explanations, X denotes a person who has no name. X is also mentioned to represent filthy things now-a-days. 

The commercial world sees Christmas with its business eye only. Beautiful decorations and stars are hung on business establishments. But there is no Christ there. It is painful to understand that even Western countries that gave birth to a huge number of great Saints and Martyrs is calling Christmas season as holiday season removing the Holy Name of the Hero of the season from His own Birthday Celebrations. And even in the developing countries, some Christians are giving more importance to the external celebrations only, very comfortably forgetting and neglecting the real spirit of Christmas that is spreading and sharing Joy, Peace and happiness.

May the Child Jesus give you and all your dear ones a 'good heart' to experience His Peace as the Bible says "Glory to God in the highest and Peace to those with goodwill...!

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Year of Mercy ends, Doors of Churches close, But God's Mercy never ends!

The Universal Catholic Church has been celebrating the 'Extraordinary Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy' since 8th December, 2015. The official celebrations that commenced on the inaugural day with the symbolic opening of the great Door of the Basilica of St Peter by Pope Francis, and lasted nearly for an year, are ending with the Feast of Christ the King on 20th November, 2016. 

The Holy Jubilee Year of God's Mercy was observed with the motto, "Be Merciful like the Father" (Lk. 6;36). The main purpose of announcing this year was to give an opportunity for the members of the Catholic Christian community to practice the virtue of mercy and compassion to his fellow human beings as God the Father is showing to his sinful children without any conditions. It was also a golden opportunity for those people who left the Church and the Love of the compassionate Father for different reasons to come back to the main stream without any (normal) conditions or traditional punishments. 

Hundreds of thousands of people entered through the specified Doors of Mercy of Churches or Basilicas throughout the world during this period and experienced the sweetness of the Love, Forgiveness and Mercy of the Divine Father. Those who observed this Jubilee with devotion as instructed by the Holy Father Pope Francis (who is authorized by the Lord to grant) also received the special blessings and pardoning for all their sins. All those who received God's Mercy must preserve It and radiate It to the world.

There are still many people who could not take advantage of this special opportunity. Even though the Church closes the great Doors of St Peter's Basilica in Rome as a symbolic sign to wind-up the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, the ever flowing Mercy of the Divine Father never never ends or stops as HE is Mercy Himself (Ps 136). His Mercy and Compassion follows everyone until one's last moment in this world. As no one ever knows when is his/her final moments on this earth would be, it is imperative for each and everyone to rush to any Church as early as possible and seek the Forgiveness of sins from any Catholic Priest and receive God's unlimited and never ending Mercy and eternal Love.

The Year of Mercy ends, Doors of Churches close, But God's Mercy never ends!

The Universal Catholic Church has been celebrating the 'Extraordinary Great Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy' since 8th December, 2015. The official celebrations that commenced on the inaugural day with the symbolic opening of the great Door of the Basilica of St Peter by Pope Francis, and lasted nearly for an year, are ending with the Feast of Christ the King on 20th November, 2016. 

The Holy Jubilee Year of God's Mercy was observed with the motto, "Be Merciful like the Father" (Lk. 6;36). The main purpose of announcing this year was to give an opportunity for the members of the Catholic Christian community to practice the virtue of mercy and compassion to his fellow human beings as God the Father is showing to his sinful children without any conditions. It was also a golden opportunity for those people who left the Church and the Love of the compassionate Father for different reasons to come back to the main stream without any (normal) conditions or traditional punishments. 

Hundreds of thousands of people entered through the specified Doors of Mercy of Churches or Basilicas throughout the world during this period and experienced the sweetness of the Love, Forgiveness and Mercy of the Divine Father. Those who observed this Jubilee with devotion as instructed by the Holy Father Pope Francis (who is authorized by the Lord to grant) also received the special blessings and pardoning for all their sins.

There are still many people who could not take advantage of this special opportunity. Even though the Church closes the great Doors of St Peter's Basilica in Rome as a symbolic sign to wind-up the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, the ever flowing Mercy of the Divine Father never never ends as HE is Mercy Himself. His Mercy and Compassion follows everyone until one's last moment in this world. As no one ever knows when is his/her last moment on this earth, it is imperative for each and everyone to rush to any Church as early as possible and seek the Forgiveness of sins from any Catholic Priest and receive God's unlimited and never ending Mercy and eternal Love.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Syro Malabar Church NOT to wash women's feet on Holy Thursday 2016

The Major Arch Bishop of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church of Kerala, Cardinal George Alencherry has made an announcement regarding the female participation in 'the washing of the feet ceremony' during the 2016 Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's last Supper. 

'Washing of the feet' (mandatum) is a custom practised by the Catholic Church, taking example from the 'Humble Act' of the Divine Master who surprised His 12 Apostles by kneeling before each and washing and kissing everyone's feet during His Last Supper with them on Holy Thursday, before His Great Passion and death on the Cross on Good Friday. This great exemplary act of the Greatest Master before His disciples to teach them to show in action the value of humility and love to one another is being carried out by His followers throughout the world. Ever since the last Supper of the Lord in 33 AD, in every Catholic Church, the heads of the Church starting from the Pope, Cardinals, bishops or Priests, this event is performed in memory of the Lord at His command. Such a rare ceremony is performed only in the Catholic Church under the sun where a master or teacher kneeling before his disciple and washing and kissing his foot.

Until recently in the universal Catholic church, representing the Lord's 12 disciples, 12 men were invited by the priest (celebrant of the Holy Mass) to participate in this ceremony. But during the Holy Thursday ceremonies of the present Pontiff Francis after his election as the Pope, he brought about a change in the customary practice and chose some abandoned and neglected persons from the society which included some prisoners and women. 

Later this year according to the suggestions of the Holy Father, the Roman Missal numbers 10 and 11 some slight changes were initiated. The earlier wordings on the 'washing of the feet' rite said, "The pre-chosen men are accompanied by the pastor (priest)". But after the editing, the word 'men' are modified to 'people' and the present text reads as "The pre-chosen among the people of God are accompanied by the priest".  This to include everyone for the washing of the foot rite without any gender discrimination. But it is misunderstood by some people as an order of the pope to include women compulsorily for this holy ceremony by giving 50 percent reservation to female gender. 

Putting an end to this confusion, the Head of the Syrian Catholic Church, Cardinal George Alencherry issued a statement that in the universal Syro Malabar Catholic Church, women will not be included or invited for the washing of the feet during the Holy (Maundy) Thursday services on March 24, 2016. The Arch Bishop made it clear that a decision on this regard will be taken in a Church synod to be held later this year.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Catholic Christian Nurses Ministry: Glorifying the Lord through Service

When we hear and see on TV channels and in media the committed services of the Catholic Nurses spread around the world particularly in the middle east while on duty, and the various Spiritual and social activities they render during week off, we feel proud and thank God for enabling these brothers and sisters who bring pride and glory to the Lord who called them and the Church that formed them and the state of Kerala which sent them.

The nurses from Kerala are preferred throughout the world. This is because of their dedication to the work. The dedicated and sincere service of Kerala nurses abroad is bringing not only foreign revenue, but also good name to the state. Many nurses opt for nursing as their profession not just by chance, but by choice. Even if someone became a nurse by chance, they transform in to a worthy nurse thanks to the 'Word of God' which is deeply buried in them.

When many of these nurses realize their 'calling' and extend their services to the sick and the suffering with compassion and caring, they are indirectly glorifying the Lord. When they become able to see Lord Jesus Christ in these suffering people, and serve the with love and patience, they become equal to the venerable persons like Mother Teresa.  Even though a nurse is doing job as an employment for earning money, by having proper attitude and changing the mindset, the same work can be turned into a great Missionary work. When a nurse devotes his/her job as a vocation and performs his/her duty seeing the invisible Lord in the patients, he/she can find happiness in the job and endure the numerous 'crosses' happily and proudly.

May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen all nurses who are part of the Nurses Ministry in the gulf countries and bless their near and dear ones abundantly. Through this nurses ministry, they gather together and hold prayers and other charitable activities. If all  Indian nurses (particularly the Christians) take example from them and form and operate similar ministries in the areas of their work, they will be instrumental to the spreading of the Kingdom of God. Such fellowships will strengthen the novice and wavering individuals also. This will also bring good tidings to the lives of many who are in trials and misfortunes.

God Bless....

Saturday, December 26, 2015

'Buon Natale' Thrissur, Kerala, India 2015

The Italian term 'Buon Natale' which means, 'Merry Christmas' has become a familiar word for the Indian People particularly the Keralaite community following the entry of the 'Buon Natale' Christmas Procession conducted with the collective co-operation of the Kerala Catholic Church under the leadership of the Arch Diocese of Thrissur last year (2014) entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest number of people dressed up as Santa Claus (Christmas Papa) in a single event in the whole world for the first time. It was a great matter of pride and achievement not only for the Kerala Christian Communities but also for the entire Malayalee population in the world. 

This year also the Syro-Malabar Arch Diocese has made all elaborate arrangements for the grand show of 'Buon Natale 2015'  in the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur. About 5000 people dressed up as Christmas Fathers and 2000 children as angels have made the show very colorful on Sunday, the 27th of December 2015. 

Please watch the videos / photos / images pictures here:

Facebook page of Buon Natale (X-Mas Carol)

Youtube Page:

Merry Christmas - Peace to the world...!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Catholic Church Opens Doors to The Holy Year of Mercy (2015 Dec 8 - 2016 Nov 20)

(Logo Courtesy:
With the Opening of the 'Great Bronze Doors' of St Peter's Basilica in Rome by Holy Father Pope Francis on Tuesday (2015 December 8th), the 'Holy Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy' has commenced officially in the Universal Catholic Church. The most auspicious day to inaugurate the The 'Holy Jubilee Year of Mercy' is the great Feast Day of (obligation) the 'Immaculate Conception' of the Blessed virgin Mother (December 8th) whose primary duty always (particularly these end-days) is to gather and guide all the stray children of the compassionate God back to HIM through repentance, penance and confession (the Holy sacrament of reconciliation). And the Holy Year of Mercy will be closed on the Great Solemnity of 'Christ the King' on November 20, 2016

This Holy Year of Divine Mercy is a golden opportunity for those who have gone afar from the everlasting Love of the Divine Father, Who like the dad of the prodigal son in the Holy Bible keeps looking always for the return of the lost children. It is the duty of every child of God, particularly the chosen one to help in the return of those children of the Heavenly Father back to Him and receive His abundant grace and Love.

We know and often say, 'to err is human, to forgive is Divine'. This statement is absolutely true. All human beings (except the Virgin Mother of Lord Jesus who is immaculate conception), are sinners. It is the very 'nature' of these human beings to commit sins. But at the same time, the 'nature' of God is to forgive and forget all the sins and shortcomings of those who truly repent. In the Syro-Malabar Qurbana we pray, to the Heavenly Father to show compassion to us according to HIS 'nature'.

The Observance of the Holy Year of Mercy in the Catholic Churches throughout the world will be done on Sunday, the 13th of december 2015. In most of the churches, the Priest will open the main doors of the churches to mark the commencement of this jubilee Year.

'Holy' Jubilee Years are observed rarely in the Catholic Church (usually once in a half century) and during these Holy Years, the Church (with its God-given authority grants special 'indulgence' for the devotees who make pilgrimages to the Church in Rome or other selected Churches in one's neighborhood. This is the most ideal chance for anyone to reconcile with the Divine Love through repentance. Because there is absolutely NO guarantee that we would get one more chance....

In East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India (Visakhapatnam Arch Diocese), St Ann's Church at Jagannaickpur, Kakinada is designated as the central Church for rendering God's special forgiveness and grace during the 'Holy Year of Mercy' and will be opened by the Priest on 13-12-2015 Sunday at 8.00 am. People in the district who cannot go to other pilgrim centers, can make a pilgrimage to this Church and offer the spiritual Sacraments of Confession and Holy Mass for receiving 'indulgence' untill the closing of the Holy Year on 20-11-2016.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Serial on St Euphrasia (Evuprasiamma) Eluvathingal CMC on Shalom T V

St Euphrasia, also called as Evuprasiamma by the Malayalee faithful is the second nun-saint of the Kerala Catholic Church and the first person to be elevated to sainthood from the 'Congregation of the Mother of Carmel' (CMC) founded by St Chavara Kuriakose Elias (CMI) and Rev Fr Leopold on 13th February, 1866 in Koonammavu in Kerala state. CMC is the first indigenous religious congregation for the women in the Syro-Malabar Church of Kerala. 

Recently popular Malayalam Christian Spiritual TV Shalom started telecasting a tele-serial on St Evuprasiama titled as 'St Euphrasia, the ascetic'. The serial which is produced by the CMC Congregation is directed beautifully by Siby Yogyaaveedan who is a gifted film maker and who also won award for his earlier tele-serial on Blessed Mariam Thresia from the Governemnt of Kerala. Such serials and programs help one to grow spiritually and morally irrespective of one's religion or Calling.

Television is considered as one of the powerful tools of satan (after the mobile phone and internet) to trap the children of God. Many of our youth are getting spoiled by watching nasty and filthy shows on TV. It is a painful fact to admit that many of the mothers and grand mothers in India are addicted to cheap and worthless TV serials which are mostly aired in the evenings and it affects the time table of the families particularly the family Prayers in many houses. Many houses in Kerala are found rescheduling their prayer time in accordance with the serials' timings. If talented people come forward and join hands with spiritual TV channels, many meaningful TV programs can be made which will be helpful for the human souls and spiritual growth. The wealthy Christians also should spend their God-given riches for the production of spirituality oriented programs.

Please watch and encourage others to watch this serial daily evening at 8.30 pm (and repeated next morning at 8.00 am). Please watch and make other members of your family, friends and contacts to watch spiritual shows and programs on TV Channels like Shalom, Goodness, Divine, Athmeeya Yathra etc. This will surely save the members of your family from destruction. And whoever helps in the spiritual growth of others in any possible way will be rewarded suitably by the Lord Who shed HIS precious Blood for ALL the humanity. 

Every Christian is commissioned and commanded to share the Good News of Salvation to the far corners of the world. It is not an optional duty but a must. Unlike earlier days, we have a lot of easy and powerful tools to carryout this Mission of our Redeemer. Please remember if you cannot do any ministry work directly, even guiding others to the Lord through spiritual TV channels / websites / blogs / mobile phones etc are also ministry works that anyone can do easily. Please act now as this is the right and acceptable time... and day...!

Watch Shalom TV Live:

Watch Goodness TV Live:

Watch Divine TV online:

Watch Athmeeya Yathra TV Live:

May the Good and Compassionate GOD Bless you and all your near and dear ones...!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kanan Desham Bible Reality Quiz Game Show on Goodness TV

"Goodness TV", one of the leading Malayalam Christian Spiritual Television Network by Popular Mission's (Vincentian Congregations) Divine Retreat Center is telecasting a number of stuff that is very essential and useful for the human soul. While most of these shows are helpful for the 'Spiritual growth of the eternal pilgrims, the Bible Quiz show 'Kanan Desham' offers both Spiritual as well as some financial benefits for the devotees.

Kanan Desham has completed first season successfully and the producers are inviting application from eligible and interested candidates for the season-2. For this audition questions are aired on Goodness TV with different options. The correct choice for each questions can be sent by SMS to mobile phone number: 9744155533 or send your answers or comments to

Many Christians are of the view that such Bible and Spirituality based quiz shows are very good and the prize money offered for the participants / winners should be in par with other general entertainment shows such as 'Ningalkkum Akaam Kodeeshwaran' or 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'..! There are many rich devoted resident and non resident Christians who are generous and willing to donate or sponsor some money to be paid to the winners of such programs.

By increasing the prize money to the participants (winners) more and more people will show interest to participate in the quiz show and it will motivate them to study the Bible deeply. Giving some financial gift for the poor but devoted faithful will also be an act that will please the Lord our God.

Please watch and encourage others to watch Spiritual Shows as far as possible which are always good for the body, mind and soul. Avoid ugly and nasty TV shows which are a threat not only to the individual but also to the society. 

Please watch Goodness TV Online:

May God Bless all...!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Pray the Holy Rosary Devoutly for getting Abundant Blessings

How to Recite the Holy Rosary Prayer piously for receiving Guaranteed Blessings from Blessed Virgin Mother of God?

Rosary Prayer is a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary taught and gifted by the great ancient Saints and monks of the Church, practiced by millions of Catholic Christian believers world-wide. Those devotees who experience the fruit of this devotion naturally become the ambassadors of this powerful pious practice and share it with others so that all people will reap the abundant fruit of this devotion easily and quickly without any conditions. 

Holy Mother Mary has promised many special Blessings and Benefits for anyone who recites the Rosary Prayer with proper meditations. Now-a-days more and more people even from the Protestant and Pentecostal denominations who earlier used to deny the Blessed Virgin Mother are realizing the undeniable part held by the Mother of the Saviour of the world who is the co-redeemer in the redemption and are becoming her ardent devotees. Many people are very keen to be in her powerful and unfailing hands of protection and are curious to learn the Holy Rosary Prayer and are asking 'How to recite the Rosary Prayer devoutly' and draw umpteen number of Blessings from the Holy Queen of the Universe. 


Note: Though the Rosary Prayer is recited in a universal proforma throughout the world, one can make it more effective and meaningful as per one's personal relationship with the Mother of God when praying and meditating in person. 

Please make sure that all the prayers are done from the heart not just the lips.

1. To start the Prayer, the first thing one has to do is to 'Make the Sign of the Cross'.

2. Utter the creed (vow of faith).

3. One Our Father ... 3 Hail Mary.... one Glory be...

4. Choose different mysteries to be meditated according to the day / season.

              .... to be continued....

Sunday, August 23, 2015

US National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) 2015: Regsiter Online

The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) of America is a grand spiritual based program for the Catholic High School-aged teenagers and their adult chaperones. The NCYC meet is held once in two years. It is a powerful three day experience of Prayer, Community and Empowerment of the youth and their chaperones.

Elaborate arrangements are underway for the three day National Catholic Youth Conference of 2015 (NCYC-2015) to be held in Indianapolis from November 19-21 with the theme, Here I am Lord / Aqui Estoy Senor. As more than 23,000 youngsters and their chaperones attended the previous NCYC-2013 the organizers are expecting a greater number of participants this year.

The Conference includes attractive programs like keynote presentations, workshops and other recreational activities including concerts and exhibitions along with spiritual activities such as Prayers, Holy Mass, Sacrament of Confessions, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament etc. It is a golden opportunity for the teenaged youth to know, love and serve the Lord who is Eternal Love. Parents, guardians and Teachers are requested to motivate the teenagers of the high school age to participate in the conference.

Online Registrations are open Now and please make registration through this link:

For the latest updated information about the conference, please check the official website:

Also please check the official Facebook Page of the NCYC 2015 for recent updates.

All the Priests, Religious and the faithful are requested to encourage as many candidates as possible to participate in such Spiritual programs to protect their valuable souls of our beloved teenagesrs from distruction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

World Meeting Of (Catholic Christian) Families 2015, Philadelphia.

World Meeting Of Families (WMOF) 2015 Congress is to be held in Philadelphia in the United States on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of September 2015. This is the largest Catholic Christian gathering in the world. The very concept of this family Congress was originally conceived by St John Paul II in 1992 with an aim to strengthen the sanctity of the Christian families around the globe in Faith and Love. The first meeting of the world families (WMOF) was celebrated successfully in Rome in 1994. From then onwards the world congress of families is held once in three years. 

At a time when the Christian values and morality is disappearing from the society, The families that gather from different nationalities of the world exchange their thoughts on the importance of the holy matrimonial living and rearing up the offsprings in the Love and Faith in the Creator. They pray together, discuss different issues and listen to the sermons from Internationally acclaimed figures.

The WMOF is split into two groups based on the age of the participants. Those aged 18 and above can attend the 'Theological Adult Congress' and those in the age group of 6 to 18 can join the concurrent youth congress. On Saturday September 26 night the 'Festival of Families' will be celebrated in an intercultural and colorful manner. Holy Father Francis is expected to attend this grand celebration of family festival. On 27th Sunday the Congress witnesses the Papal Holy Mass by the Holy Father.

Registrations are still gong on. Please click this link to register online:

Registrations can be made individually or in group. 

If God has blessed you sufficiently and if you can afford to attend this Meeting, please do not neglect to do so.

If you are capable to sponsor the expenses of one or some families who cannot afford to attend this congress, please do not hesitate. 

Please share this message to your friends and contacts and encourage them to participate in this remarkable and unique meeting.

For more information please check:

May God Bless you and everyone in your family....!

Friday, July 3, 2015

DUKRANA THIRUNNAL- The Solemn Feast of Apostle St Thomas July 3rd

(St Thomas tomb in Mylapore, Chennai)
Dukhrana Thirunnal is the Great Solemn Feast of St Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles chosen by Lord Jesus Christ. He was sent by the Lord to spread His Gospel of Eternal Salvation to the people of India in AD 52. According to the Church history, it was on a July 3rd the apostle was martyred on Parangi Malai in Madras (now St Thomas Mount in Chennai). It is a great day of high significance for the Christians in India particularly the South Indian Christians and Syrian Christians of Kerala. 

The Solemn Festival Day of St Thomas is observed piously and spiritually with great pomp and gaiety. It is a holiday for all the institutions run by the Catholic Church in Kerala. For the Catholic Christians of Kerala, it is a Holy day of obligation. Holy Masses are celebrated in most Churches in par with the Sunday schedules. 

There are spiritual celebrations and huge rush of pilgrims on St Thomas mount (where the Apostle was assassinated) and at Santhome Church, Mylapore Chennai (where the sacred body is buried and a holy relic is venerated). Both these places are witnessing a number of great miracles by the intercession of the Saint with the power of the Holy Name of Lord Jesus.

The Syro-Malabar Catholic communities in the US and other European countries also commemorate this Feast with much importance probably with more enthusiasm and activities than that of their mother land Kerala. The efforts taken by the loyal Keralite Catholic believers of the Lord in the USA and other Countries to share the Culture and tradition of our Faith to our younger generation by conducting Bible quizzes, Bible Conventions, special Retreat and renewal programs for youth etc and to make the youngsters participate in them is very laudable in the sight of the Lord.

It is a matter of great delight for all the people of the Lord world-wide to know that St Joseph Syro Malabar Forane Catholic Church, Houston, Texas is conducting a 'Summer Retreat' by name "Shalom Festival 2015" on July 3rd, 4th and 5th. To encourage the children of God to seek the Creator in the young age, a leadership training program by name 'TORCH' (Texas Oklahoma Regional Conference - Houston) is being held at Waxahachie in Texas on July 17-20, 2015. For registration and more info please check the website of the church:

Justifying the old saying of our past generation that heavy downpour will accompany 'Dukrana Perunnal', the Feast Day of St Thomas today (03-07-2015) also  witnessed showers of blessings in the form of rain in entire Kerala state. 

May the Holy Name of God be Glorified. Amen...!

Monday, June 29, 2015

US Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriage to attract God's wrath

While the recent judgement of the US supreme court legalizing gay marriages in all the states of America is celebrated by a minority section of people throughout the world, there is another section of the faithful world-wide, who are praying God intensely not to punish the people of America for the ruling issued by the supreme court judges against the Holy Will of the Creator, challenging His Commandments and HIS very purpose of creating men and women.

By citing the work of some historians that evinced the continual adaptation of the institution, the supreme court of the USA decided to recognize gay (same-sex) marriages a constitutional right on Friday the 26th of June 2015. This declaration was received with jubilation by some gay couples and activists including some globally acclaimed personalities. 

This judgement by the supreme court of the USA which is considered and honored as the international champions for safeguarding and upholding justice is a great blow to all who expected Divine justice from them. The very constitution of the land was framed basing on the Holy word of God and this abominable announcement is an open declaration of war with the Lord who has been protecting the country and who drove it to prosperity and development.

If we make a simple look at the past history of the mankind, it is evidently clear when and how the people tested the Patience of the compassionate Lord and attracted His rage. God has punished the entire humanity with floods during the time of Noah for the increasing number of adultery the people committed and later sent fire from heaven to destroy the people unable to bear the sin of homosexuality sparing the righteous Lot. 

In-order to please a minor section of perverted persons who are physically, mentally, spiritually and socially ill, and to cover their abominable and sinful unions as 'legal marriage' the supreme court judges have violated the command of the Most Holy and Almighty God. Hence for the sake of the land (USA) and the world, all those concerned are requested in the Holy Name of the Lord to do the needful. 

All the God fearing people are requested to Pray earnestly for the abolition of this law and to send their petitions, requests and supports to the 'Alabama Justices' who are against this and who only can put an end to this disgracing and shameful law.

Please find below the addresses and contact phone numbers of Alabama Supreme Court Justices:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mark 10:23-27; Matt 19:23-24. Wealthy Christians and Kingdom of God

There is a misbelief among most Christians in the world including many Chosen ones for the Religious lives and Priesthood that money and material prosperity is the right of all Christians and so is a Gift from God. Many Christians who are rich and wealthy refuse to realize that Money and wealth is a gift of satan to the children of God to detach them from the loving company and presence of God the Father and it is an obstacle to the road to the Kingdom of God.

If you are a Christian, you are bound to read, meditate, understand and try to follow the 'Word of God' in the Holy Bible. Though the Holy Bible guarantees a peaceful and blissful life for those who honour the Holy Name and Word of God, money and possessions are not promised by God. If anyone believes in God and His begotten Son for worldly riches he / she is very unfortunate. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ has clearly said many times about the danger of having / seeking earthly riches and money. The Lord says in St Matthew's (6:24) and St Luke's Gospel (16:13) "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money"

It is mentioned clearly that having money and riches is an obstacle for anyone to go to the 'Kingdom of God'. There are several Versus in the Holy Bible that warn children of God to abstain from running after money as done by most pagans. Unfortunately there is great percentage of rich Christians who do not believe seriously in the judgement and life after death. It is their money that make them feel that this life (with all its pleasures) is permanent. 

The good and upright rich young man who has scrupulously kept all the 10 commandments came to Lord Jesus seeking 'Eternal life' and returned grieving... only because he was rich and was not willing to part-with his earthly possessions. Here we can see that the young man was faultless in the eyes of the Lord and his only hindrance to Heaven was his wealth..! If this is the condition of a honest person in the very eyes of the Lord, what will be the condition of those Christians who do not hesitate to commit any crimes or corruptions to amass wealth inappropriately.

If this is the condition of a 'virtuous person' in the 'sight of the Lord', what will the condition of an ordinary Christian who does not follow all the commandments of God?

When the upright young man went away sadly, the Lord declared solemnly, "It is very difficult for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God". (St Mark 10:24) "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God"...!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Logos Bible Quiz 2015 Registration Open for Keralites and NRI Malayalees

 'Logos Bible Quiz', The largest Bible Quiz in the world attended by about six lakhs people every year is now open again for registration for the mega quiz program scheduled to be conducted in 2015 as 'Kerala Catholic Bible Society' the organizers of the quiz are commemorating the silver Jubilee of its founding this year. The co-organizers of this quiz is 'Kerala Catholic Bishops Council Bible Commission'.

The Official websites are open form 2015 June 10th to July 31st for online Registrations by Keralites living in their home state as well as residing in other Indian states or abroad. This year the organizers are expecting about 10 lakh (one million) members enrolled for the Bible Quiz.

How to Register (apply) online?

There are two separate websites given below. One is for resident Malayalis and the other is for non-resident Keralites living in other states or countries. 

Non Resident Keralites s can write the quiz online along-with those writing it offline in Kerala. Interested persons are instructed to Register without any differentiation of caste, religion, gender or age.

Candidates Applying from Kerala, Click Here to Register

NRKs Click Here to Register Online

This year's (2015) syllabus:

Numbers 1-10, Proverbs 1-9, St. John 1-12, Letter of St. Jude 

For Other details such as instructions, eligibility criteria, age based group, portions, model question papers, sample quiz, results, winners list etc please click this link:

For details in Malayalam, please click this link.

The Logos Quiz 2015 will be telecast on Goodness TV by Divine Retreat Centre and Shalom TV. You can watch the finals of the quiz.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Divine Retreat Centre: 25 Glorious Years in the Service of the Lord Jesus

Divine Retreat Centre (DRC), which is the pride of Kerala, gratification of India and God's Blessing gift to the total humanity is completing 25 years of Glorious and Devoted Service of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people. Receiving directions through Words and visions from none other than Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Rev Father Mathew Naickomparambil and Rev Fr George Panckal started 'Divine Retreat Center' at Muringoor near Chalakudy in 1990 with the support of Rev Fr George Vempilly, Rev Fr Jacob Athickal etc. with the permission of the Superior Generals of Vincentian Congregation. 

The humble and small Charismatic Prayer Service started by a small pious group under the dedicated and selfless leadership of these loyal servants of God, grew up in to a mighty world-wide Retreat, Renewal and Spiritual Healing movement, extending its services to people from every nook and corner of the world. The year 2015 is the silver jubilee year of the centre. 

The Divine Retreat Centre is now accepted as an institution of the Almighty God. Even though some dark powers tried to interfere in the functioning of this center, they could do nothing as it is run by God for His people. Since its inception in 1990 till date uncountable number of people belonging to different religions, speaking different languages, belonging to different races and nationalities have participated in weekly retreats in this centre and received innumerable blessings for the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lord of every human being on earth. 

Some people think that Lord Jesus is the founder of Christianity and the God of only Christians. This assumption is totally false as it is clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible that the Christ Jesus is the Lord of All people (living and lived) and He has shed His precious and Holy Blood for the salvation of the whole humanity. It is for every individual to accept the Redemption at his / her own free will without any conditions. 

Hundreds of thousands of people without any barriers of caste, creed, religion,  region, financial or social status have stepped in to the Divine Retreat Centre with huge loads of miseries, diseases, troubles, misfortunes, curses, evil spells, and many problems affecting the body, mind and soul and have left the center completely delivered and healed. Many people when they realize that they are cured by the 'Word of the Lord', they resolve firmly to know, love and follow the One Who has redeemed and blessed them and their dear and near ones.

Divine Retreat Centre is not only extending spiritual renewal services, but also many other social services for the care and rehabilitation of the destitute and the the less-fortunate persons of the society.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

St.George Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church, Edappally

Kerala, known as God's own Country is specially blessed with so many Sacred Churches of historical and Social importance. While eight Churches (7 and a half) were directly built by our Lord's Apostle St Thomas- our own dear intercessor, later many Churches were erected by the faithful and some of them later became Holy Pilgrim Centers with the too many number of miracles taking place there.

Among all the Patron Saints of the Christian devotees of Kerala, St George is one of the most important. St George is venerated by many Christian denominations alike and he is their miracle worker and protector. St George (also known as Gee Varghese Sahada / punyavalan) is the help of people form wild animals particularly poisonous serpents and snakes.

There are so many Churches dedicated specially to St George. Some of these Churches are prominent pilgrim centers with numerous miracles taking place. 

St George Forane (Ferona) Church, Edappalli:

Ancient Church building: photo courtesy
St George Church at Edappally which was built in 593, has turned into a famous Catholic Church dedicated to the honor of the Lord's loyal servant and Blessed Mother's ardent devotee St George. Recently this Holy Church in Ernakulam - Angamaly Arch Diocese was re-constructed without affecting the old structure. 

The construction of the new Church Building which lasted for nearly 15 years finally brought about an amazing and marvelous structure which is not only attracting large number of pilgrims from other parts of the country and other countries, but also many tourists from around the world. 

This Church is considered as the largest and most fabulous Church in India and the biggest of all the Churches of the Syro-Malabar Sabha (Syrian Catholic Church) in the world. 

(new church Building)
Address (way to the Shrine)

This Pilgrim Center is located in Edappally 10 kms away from Kochi.

Contact Phone Numbers:

0484-2344538, 0484-2535538

Holy Mass Timings:

Week Days:  6.00 am, 7.00 am, 6.00 pm
Fridays:        6.00 am, 7.00 am, 12.30 pm, 7.00 pm
First Fridays: 5.45 am, 7.00 am, 9.00 am, 10.30 am, 12.00 noon, 4.00 pm,       5.30 pm
Sundays:      5.45 am, 7.00 am, 8.45 am, 10.15 am, 4.30 pm

Official FaceBook page of Ernakulam-Angamaly Arch Diocese:

God will surely Bless everyone who visits and prays in this Church and fulfill all his/her tearful needs:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Christian Retreat Counselling centers for children in Kerala

'Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, "I find no pleasure in them"(Ecclesiastes 12:1),

The days of childhood and youth are indeed the very best time period in one's life span. But most of the people will understand and realize it it only when when they have crossed that period in their lives.

It is for the parents to direct their children towards their creator Who is ever loving and ever compassionate.

In today's dark world, there are many gadgets and apps which are used by satan as a tool to mislead and separate God's children from HIM. Even the internet has a lot of hidden danger to trap the young ones and ruin their precious lives.

In this situation, only God can protect and save the kids and youth from destruction. Hence the parents must try to send their children for God centered Renewal seminars, Retreats, Psychological and spiritual counselling and personality development programs during holidays and when ever there is time and opportunity.

There are many proven and Spirit-filled Catholic Christian Retreat and renewal centers in Kerala. Most of these centers hold special training classes and work shops for children and youth now and then. But the institution that is established and operated exclusively for children and youth is Christeen at Kottayam. This retreat and training center founded by Lay Missionary P V Marykutty is conducting regular spiritual retreats, training, counselling services etc exclusively for the children and youth.

Shalom Evangelism Team directed by Lay Missionary Bro Benny Punnathara conducts periodical Bible conventions and seminars exclusively for youth. It is also a great opportunity for the youth to refresh and renew their relationship with their Heavenly Master.

Most of the Catholic Christian Retreat and Renewal Centers hold periodical special programs for the children and youth. Please check with them for more details. 

The list of Popular Christian Retreat and Counselling Centres in Kerala are given in another post. Please find it here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catholic Christian Retreat and Renewal Centers in Kerala, India

'Kerala' is termed and known as 'God's own Country'. Though this slogan is used as a promotional advertisement by the tourism department, this slogan is ironically very true. This small state in the southern end of India is specially blessed and chosen by God Almighty as HIS Own dear land with beautiful landscapes, lakes, sea shores, mountains, forests, abundant food and cash crops, sufficient rain fall and good climates. 

Two thousand years ago (in A.D. 52) one of the beloved Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ by name St. Thomas was sent to Kerala by God with His Good News (Gospel) of Salvation and eternal life. It is in this land where St. Thomas (locally called as Mar Thoma Sleeha) constructed the Holy Church of the Lord Jesus Christ by converting the local people by sharing the Good News of the Master with them.

Ever since then, majority of the Christian people of this land are good and true believers of the Lord not just for name sake, but at heart and soul.

It is an amazing fact that majority of the Catholic Priests and nuns serving for the spread and nurturing of the 'Kingdom of God' worldwide are from this tiny state.

Kerala is blessed to have so many vibrant and spirit-filled 'Catholic Christian Spiritual Retreat and Renewal Centers' that serve for the spiritual, physical, mental and social needs of people without any reservations of caste, creed religion or race. Thousands of people belonging to different religions and castes participate in these Prayer meetings and conventions and receive umpteen number of Spiritual, Physical and economical blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is the list of the Leading Retreat centers that are serving not only the people belonging the Catholic or Christian communities but also of all religions.

1. Divine Retreat Center, (Potta) Muringoor, Chalakudy, Kerala.

This is the first Retreat and Prayer Centre in Kerala and grownup to be the largest in the world. Divine Retreat Center founded by Rev Fr Mathew Naickamparampil and Rev Fr George Panackal is run by Vincention Fathers (VC) and is known as the Mother of all retreat centers not only in Kerala but also in India. It can accommodate thousands of pilgrims at a time to heal them physically, mentally and spiritually. Retreats are held in many major languages other than Malayalam every week (Sunday to Friday).


Divine Retreat Center,           Phone: 0480-2708098
Muringoor P O,                      E-Mail:
Kerala - 680316  


2. Sehion Retreat Centre, Attappady, Palakkad dist, Kerala.

   This retreat center is founded by Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil, a missionary and healer of this time. Though it is being run in limited space and facilities, it is attracting huge number of devotees from around the world.


Thavalom P.O.
Attappady, Palakkad, Kerala, India, Pin : 678 589
Phone : 0091 4924 253333, 253647
Blogspot: _______________________________________________

3. IMS Dhyana Bhavan, Paravoor, Alappuzha

    This retreat center is run by IMS (Indian Missionary Society) fathers. Presently it is directed by Fr Prasant IMS.


Paravoor, Punnapra PO. Alappuzha,KeralaIndia. PIN:688 004
Phone : 0477-2287372, 2287472,2287972
Fax : 0477- 2287471



4. Charis Bhavan, Athirampuzha

     This is also one of the pioneer retreat centers started by Rev Fr James Manjackal MSFS.


Athirampuzha P.O.
Kottayam, Kerala, India. PIN-686562
Phone: +91 481 2731911/2731912/2731913

E-mail :


5. Good News Retreat Center, Pambady, Kottayam.

    This center is being directed by Rev Fr Joseph Kandathiparampil HGN.


Good News Retreat Center,
8th mile, Velloor PO, Pambady, Kottayam, Kerala. PIN -686501.


6. Tabor Retreat Center, Ezhumuttom, Thodupuzha.

    This retreat center is also one of the first established in Kerala. Rev Dr (Fr) Augustian Pallikunnel founded and developed this in to a famous miracle center. Now Rev Fr Georgi Pallikknnel is directing it with the Divine Help.


Tabor Retreat Centre,
Ezhumuttom PO, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India, PIN - 685605
Phones: 09544767260, 09447824554, 04862-262167


Blog     :

7. Marian Retreat Center, Anakkara.

    This retreat center is functioning in Kanjirappally Diocese is providing physical, mental and spiritual healing to a number of participants. Rev Fr Dominic Valanmanal is the Director.


Marian Nagar, Anakkara PO, Idukki dist, Kerala, India. PIN- 685512

Phones: 04868283765, 09656141917
            09526022213, 09526022214



For a list of Popular Catholic Christian Retreat and Counselling Centers in other states of India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Delhi, Jarkhand etc please check this blog: